CUG CD-ROM Vols 300 - 399


CUG 300 MAT_LIB: Matrix Library
CUG 301 BGI Applications
CUG 302 3D Transforms
CUG 303 MC68K Disassembler
CUG 305 HGA Mandelbrot Explorer
HGA BlackJack and Draw Poker
CUG 306 Thread: multitasking kernel w/ lightweight threads
Synapsys: neural network simulator
CUG 307 ADU: Alien Disk Utility
COMX: serial port driver for MS-DOS
CUG 308 MSU: simulates a hypothetical computer
Parks-McClellan-Remez FIR filter design
LIST: object-oriented linked list in C and C++
CUG 309 6809 C Compiler for MSDOS
CUG 310 Little Smalltalk for MSDOS
CUG 311 Relational database with ISAM
CUG 312 Make-Maker: AWK-based analyzer builds make files
CUG 313 STEVIE: multiplatform Vi text editor
CUG 314 MNP: Microcom Networking Protocol
CUG 315 FTGRAPH: Fast-Fourier Transform plus Graphics
CUG 316 AS8: Cross-Assembler for Zilog Z8
CUG 317 Group 3/4 Image Processing (TIFF)
CUG 318 RED: compact text editor handles big files
CUG 319 CPP: industrial strength ANSI C Pre-Processor
CUG 320 Convolution Image Process
CUG 321 Mouse Trap Library
CUG 322 Trace: macros for debugging
RAM Test: ATS tests for defective chips
Mkptypes: generates ANSI C prototypes
Malloc Leak Trace: tracks lost memory
CUG 323 Explod: fireworks graphics display
Beyond the Tesseract: a text-based adventure game
CUG 324 WGCONIO: TSR-compatible text windowing
CUG 325 Zia VGA Graphics Library
CUG 326 SoftC Database Library: access dBASE III+/IV files
CUG 327 Panels for C: Text Windows and Menus
CUG 328 WTWG: Windows Text / Windows Graphics
CUG 329 Unix Tools for PC: classic text manipulation tools
CUG 330 CTask: Priority-based Preemptive Multitasker
CUG 331 SE Editor: Text editor with a stack
CUG 332 PCcurses: Unix terminal-independent I/O
CUG 333 gAWK: GNU AWK for DOS and OS/2
CUG 334 GNUPLOT: plots mathematical functions or data
CUG 335 Frankenstein Cross Assembler: many 8/16-bit CPUs
CUG 336 EGAPAL/EDIPAL: EGA graphics and palette editors
CUG 337 Designing Screen Interfaces in C
CUG 338 68000 C Compiler and Assembler for MS-DOS
CUG 339 CTRLCLIB: manage CTRL-C, CTRL-BREAK, and rebooting
CUG 340 C-Window: interactive screen format generator
CUG 341 Orbit Propagation: solves Kepler's two-body system
CUG 342 I8255 Interface Library: drive CBI/Metrabyte board
CUG 343 C Image Processing System: filtering and more
CUG 344 C Grab-Bag #1: strings, data structures, math, etc
CUG 345 The Last Cross-Referencer: reads C or Pascal progs
CUG 346 ASxxxx Cross Assembler, Part 2: 68HC16 CPU
CUG 347 TAVL Tree: Threaded AVL optimizes traversal time
CUG 348 8048 Disassembler
Simple Z-80 Assembler
CUG 349 Simulation Subroutine Set: discrete event system
CUG 350 PCX Graphics Library: read and display files w/VGA
CUG 351 UltraWin: fast text windows for MS-DOS
CUG 352 String Class Library: uses operator overloading
Vlist Class Library: dynamic lists of pointers
CUG 353 C++ Tutor: a self-paced course
CUG 354 CES Mouse Tools Library: includes joystick support
CUG 355 Sherlock for MSDOS: automatic debug code insertion
CUG 356 Re-issued as CUG 462
CUG 357 CSTAR: Hybrid C/ASM 68000 cross-compiler
CUG 358 cbase: multiuser B+Tree ISAM DB file library
CUG 359 GNU C/C++ for 386: 32-bit compiler and lib source
CUG 360 USpell: Spell checker optimized for Unix
CUG 361 Gadgets: Unix-like tools for MS-DOS
Terms: a computer buzz-word glossary
CUG 362 RMAXTask: priority-based cooperative multitasking
CUG 363 68020 Cross Assembler for MS-DOS
CUG 364 C-Across: cross-reference multiple C modules
CUG 365 Elvis: vi and ex clone text editor
CUG 366 MicroEmacs: Portable and Extensible Text Editor
CUG 367 GNU File and Text Utilities: command-line tools
CUG 368 GNUlib for MS-DOS: regular expressions and misc.
CUG 369 Genitor: Genetic Algorithm Tool
CUG 370 GATool: Genetic Algorithm Tool
CUG 371 WindosIO: DLL for console style I/O in a window
CUG 372 Mouse++, String++ and Z++ (complex num) Classes
CUG 373 MicroEMACS for Windows
CUG 374 MicroSpell: multiplatform spell-checker
CUG 375 TextView: DLL simplifies text windows
CUG 376 Unix tools for OS/2 and MS-DOS
CUG 377 DSR: Hard-To-Find Information About Floppy Disks
CUG 378 Newmat: C++ Matrix Operations
CUG 379 Zoo: Portable file compression
CUG 380 Jmodem: File transfer protocol
CUG 381 Jpeg: Highly portable graphics compression
CUG 382 Gzip: Highly portable file compression
CUG 383 VGL: 256-Color VGA Library
CUG 384 Ghostscript:a Postscript previewer
CUG 385 TSR Class Borland C++
DOSThread class for Borland C++
Coroutines Class for Borland C++
CUG 386 Thomson-Davis Editor
CUG 387 C/C++ Lost Algorithms
CUG 388 Anthony's Tools: Editor, Make, Grep, Curses
CUG 389 VGA Fontlib, MakeFont, and DXF Viewer
CUG 390 ACTLIB: Another C Tools Lib
CUG 391 C/C++ Exploration Tools
CUG 392 GNU Indent: beautifies your C code
CUG 393 LL: Doubly-linked list handler library
GIFSave: Save bitmaps in .GIF format
CORDIC++: Fast trig function class library
CUG 394 C++SIM: Discrete Simulations
CUG 395 Input-Edit
Typing Tutor
CUG 396 NNUTILS: Neural Network
CUG 397 International Obfuscated C Code Contest 1984-93
CUG 398 ASxxxx Cross Assembler - Part 3
CUG 399 MINED: Multi-Platform Editor

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