CUG CD-ROM Vols 400 - 499


CUG 400 Sockets++: Socket Class Library
CUG 401 SGPC: Simple Genetic Programming in C
CUG 402 CForms: builds interactive forms
CUG 403 Small Matrix Toolbox for C
CUG 404 Bison++: YACC for C++
CUG 405 Flex++: Lexical Analyser for C++
CUG 406 ATOC: ANSI-to-K&R Backwards Translator
DISKED: Sector-level DISK EDitor for MS-DOS
CUG 407 PSUtils: Postscript Utilities
CUG 408 SNews: threaded Usenet newsreader for PCs
CUG 409 SuperVGA VESA VBE test kit and Universal VESA VBE
CUG 410 Partition Table and Hard Disk Analysis Program
WList: Doubly-Link List C++ Class
CUG 411 Vi Improved (VIM) Editor
CUG 412 AISEARCH: Artificial Intelligence Search Class
CUG 413 Sound Blaster Tools and Sound Blaster Freedom
CUG 414 THE: Highly Portable Text Editor
CUG 415 Run Time Type Information Library for C++
CUG 416 SaltSoft Tools for Math and Graphics
CUG 417 LIBFTP: easy interface to servers
CUG 418 RasMol: Molecular Graphics Visualization
CUG 419 An ODMG-93 collection for Unix
CUG 420 VGAMAZE in 3-D
Coerce graphics file converter for Unix
CUG 421 RFV VGA Graphics Animation Demo
CUG 422 MICRO-C C Compiler
CUG 423 RECIO: record input made easy
MIMEQP a better encode/decode for email
ACCTPOST simplifies General Ledger
RDCF: Re-entrant DOS-Compatible File system
Classic BSPLINE rendering algorithm
CUG 424 ED Editor: highly portable windowing editor
CUG 425 Portable Tar: read/write files, floppies, QIC
LZPIPE: compression through a pipe
CUG 426 LPC-Parcor-Cepstrum Code Generator
CUG 427 Multijoy: Multiple Joystick Interface
CUG 428 PICTOR: Text-Mode Video Library
CUG 429 MS-DOS Chess
KBFake and Fastclok
CUG 430 m68kdis: M68000 thru M68030 disassembler
CUG 431 DOSRIFS: Share hard disk or CD-ROM drives
CUG 432 PTMID: MIDI/MOD converter
WildFile: shell-style wildcard filename
CUG 433 SVGACC: SVGA MS-DOS Graphics Lib
CUG 434 XYZ++: 3-D C++ Graphics Lib
CUG 435 Demos SVGA and .VOC/.WAV audio
CUG 436 INCON: INput CONtrol library
CUG 437 C/C++ Exploration Tools for Windows
CUG 438 stelnet: Serial Telnet for DOS
CUG 439 XLIB: DOS Extender Library
CUG 440 BESTLibrary of C functions
CUG 441 VGA Editor with Animation
CUG 442 C Pointer and Array Tutorial
CUG 443 CNCL: Communication Networks Class Library
CUG 444 Mendel's Games
CUG 445 Mendel's Utilities
CUG 446 Diffpack solves PDEs
CUG 447 RELAY: design & coordinate overload protection dev
CUG 448 Automatic Troubleshooting w/Signature Analysis
CUG 449 NULLSOCK: Allows offline use of Winsock apps
CUG 450 CppIma: A C++ Image Processing Class Library
CUG 451 ClipPloy: polygon clipping with set operators
CUG 452 Freedock: Windows App Manager with Source
CUG 453 MetaKit: Persistent storage of structured objects
CUG 454 SWMP: Sound Wizards Module Player
CUG 455 Advanced I/O C++ Class Library
CUG 456 LZHLIB: LZH data compression library
CUG 457 DMALLOC: debug memory allocation library
CUG 458 GrayImage: grayscale image C++ Class Library
CUG 459 MasterMind: C++ game pits man against computer
CUG 460 Yet Another Class Lib: multiplatform framework
CUG 461 Railroad Signalling modeller
CUG 462 Sherlock 2.0 for Macintosh: debugging tools
CUG 463 Linteger: Arbitrary Precision Integer Class Lib
CUG 464 Miracle C Compiler for MS-DOS
CUG 465 Fader Custom Control for Windows
CUG 466 Autoduck: automated API documentation extraction
CUG 467 LADsoft 32-bit C Compiler for 386 & M68k families
CUG 468 Programmable Arb. Precision Calculator for Windows
CUG 469 V: a platform-independent GUI library for C++
CUG 470 src2www/fm: hypertext index for program listings
CUG 471 Beagle: Client/server DBMS for Unix
CUG 472 Radiosity (photorealistic) renderer for Windows
CUG 473 Windows 95 style taskbar for Windows 3.1
CUG 474 X Games: multiplayer scrabble with 114K words
X Games: countdown UK quiz show game
X Games: lightcycle game for 2-6 players over net
CUG 475 ThinAir: pseudo-random number generator in C++
CUG 476 Amulet: portable C++ GUI application framework
CUG 477 Using C++ and Fortran: tutorial on mixed-languages
CUG 478 FreeDOS: 16-bit MS-DOS replacement with sources
CUG 479 SIMPLE: Tactic Grammar Assistant
CUG 480 Windows Standard Serial Comm Library
CUG 481 APL Interpreter
CUG 482 OSE: General purpose class library and tools
CUG 483 C++ Chronograph Class: stopwatch-like methods
CUG 484 Multi-platform Text Browser
CUG 485 Standard Function Library: highly portable code
CUG 486 WFC: Win32 Foundation Classes
CUG 487 Libero: state-diagram based programming
CUG 488 FPlot: plots ASCII data in Postscript
CUG 489 Withdrawn from the CUG Library
CUG 490 gsar: General Search and Replace in any file type
CUG 491 micro PLOX 6.2: line graphs for printers/monitors
CUG 492 CIDLib: C++ Application Framework for Windows
CUG 493 FTPX: Conditional batch transfer using FTP
CUG 494 POST++: Persistent Object STorage classes
CUG 495 GOODS: Generic Object Oriented Database System
CUG 496 CWSDPMI: Freeware DPMI Extender for DJGPP
CUG 497 LEAP: Freeware multiplatform RDBMS
CUG 498 Dialog Editor Controls Pack for Win32
CUG 499 MGL: Multiplatform OpenGL Graphics Library

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