Awards for Best Websites


The C/C++ Users Group hereby recognizes websites which provide excellent online support for C/C++ libraries and toolkits. An excellent website means more than just a brief blurb saying how great your program is and a "click here to download" message. An "excellent" website meets as many of the qualifying criteria as possible:

There are also optional criteria, which if present will be considered as a bonus. If absent, they present no penalty to the overall excellence score:

Alternate qualifying criteria: websites which are basically trees of links to dozens of other sites have alternate criteria. This type of "referral website" is judged by the following criteria:

Levels of Excellence

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Meets 100% (or more) of criteria
Meets 80% of criteria
Meets 65% of criteria
Meets 50% of criteria

5-Star Sites

  • The AI Education Repository: everything you need to find freeware C and C++ tools for all areas of AI including neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, vision and much more!
  • OSE Class Library: A comprehensive generic class library including memory management, resource management, generic collections, text manipulation, date and time arithmetic, operating system interfacing and event driven systems. Other important components include automated documentation and platform-independent build environment.
  • Diffpack home page: a fully object-oriented framework in C++ for solution of partial differential equations (PDEs).
  • Free Database List: An attempt to enumerate all known free databases (for which source code is available and for which no payment is required). Provides a simple query-based interface too.

    4-Star Sites

  • Yet Another Class Library (YACL): Implements, scalar, container, and GUI classes on the widest variety of compilers and OSes I've seen in a freeware library.

    3-Star Sites

  • Beagle SQL: Free Client/Server DBMS for Unix: A new relational DBMS accessible primarily through its C-callable API. Currently, Beagle supports a wide variety of Unix platforms.
  • Interactive Filter Design Page : This is an interactive filter design package, for designing digital filters. Fill in the form and press the ``Submit'' button, and a filter will be written for you in ANSI "C".

    2-Star Sites

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