Mission Statement

Since 1981, the mission of the C/C++ Users Group (CUG) has been focused on low-cost distribution shareware and freeware C/C++ source code. CUG launched the C/C++ Users Journal in 1983. We invented the term user supported software to describe this activity two decades before open source became an industry buzzword. The C/C++ Users Group is an independent organization that is impartial to compiler vendors or platforms. In recent years, CUG focuses primarily on cross-platform compatability with Unix, MS Windows, and others. We are the single largest resource for portable code on the planet.

C/C++ Users Journal My mission is to grow the library in both quality and quantity. I invite you to become a member in our informal band and nominate volumes for inclusion or submit your own (send email to Victor R. Volkman). Please help CUG uphold the ethic of sharing C/C++ code as freely as possible.

Although the initial emphasis was on distributing via diskettes, CUG shifted to CD-ROM as its only distribution mechanism in 1994. Today, CUG supports distribution schemes to get you the source you need faster:

Submit YOUR code to CUG!

CUG is interested in ALL user supported C and C++ source code on ALL platforms. Programs need not be new and unique, nor massive, to be useful to other members. Many times even minor modifications of existing library programs are important to other members, especially if the modifications improve the portability of the code.

To qualify for inclusion in CUG, your program or library must must include C/C++ source code (or make available for a small registration fee). Generally, programs with registration fees of less than US$100 will be considered.

In the past, the CUG required authors to complete paperwork. If you have already made your software available on the Internet (WWW or FTP), all you have to do is email us and say "Yes, I would like my software to be distributed by CUG". Please provide us with a capsule summary of your software at that time as well. This need not be exhaustive, five complete paragraphs may be sufficient.

When your submission is accepted, you will receive a FREE copy of the CUG CD-ROM as a small token of our gratitude.

Popular submission categories include (but are not limited to!):
  • Function or Class libraries
  • Compilers
  • Games
  • Math Packages
  • Cross-assemblers and compilers
  • Communications Libraries
  • Interpreters
  • Tutorials
  • Internet tools
  • Unix text utilities
  • SVGA Graphics
  • Sound libraries
  • Text editors
  • Source analysis
  • Tutorials
  • Best of GNU
  • Postscript tools
  • More!

New corporate sponsors needed for CUG!

In order to continue the 25 year mission of the C/C++ Users Group, this website must have its cost underwritten by a sponsor. Please email us if you are willing to help and get exposure to thousands of C++ developers at the same time. With sponsorship packages as low as $75 per month we can guarantee you extremely high click-thru rates. Previous satisfied sponsors include Starbase ("Genitor"), TMP Worldwide, and Microsoft Corp. ("MSDN" division).

We have been equally helped by PlanetMirror.com who are now generously providing HTTP and FTP access for this valuable resource. PlanetMirror.COM is the largest internet archive in Australia. It hosts a variety of opensource, gaming, community and commercial archives. For further information, please contact ftpadmin@planetmirror.com

We look forward to many improvements in CUG in the coming year thanks to this ongoing committment from our sponsors. If your company is investing in open source, your sponsorship can help us too. Please email us for details.

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