Math Precision
doubledouble - 30 digit floating point precisino doubledouble implements approximately 30 decimal place floating point arithmetic. Does NOT use multiple-precision or arbitrary-precision methods, which always have a significant speed penalty. doubledouble is about a 10-25 times slowdown. (Dec 2001)
Fixed-Point Math in C From Embedded Systems magazine (04/2001): Joe Lemieux's implementation of Fixed-Point Math in C with basic operators (+, -, *, /). (Jul 2002)
High Precision Arithmetic Software Directory Contains the double-double precision, quad-double precision and arbitrary precision (multiprecision) software written by David H. Bailey (LBNL), Sherry Li (LBNL) and Yozo Hida (U.C. Berkeley). This software is provided for research use. (Dec 2001)
LibTomMath - integer math/crypto library LibTomMath provides highly optimized and portable routines for a vast majority of multiple-precision integer-based number theoretic applications (including public key cryptography). Win32/Linux portable (Jul 2003)
LiDIA - Computational Number Theory C++ Library LiDIA is a C++ library for computational number theory which provides multiprecision data types and time-intensive algorithms. Includes Factorization, Lattice Basis Reduction, Number Fields, Polynomial templates, and more. (Dec 2001)
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