Operations Research
ABACUS - A Branch And CUt System ABACUS is a library that supports implementation of branch-and-bound algorithms using linear programming relaxations that can be complemented with the dynamic generation of cutting planes or columns. Available for Unix and NT (Apr 1998)
ATOM - Advanced Tool for Options Modeling ATOM is a free option pricer for Windows with advanced features such as quasi-Monte Carlo simulation with antithetic variables and quadratic re-sampling techniques.This program originated as a set of C++ classes (Feb 2003)
lp_solve - Mixed Integer Linear Program solver lp_solve is a standalone Mixed Integer Linear Program solver with complete source code in C. Problems are input via an LP input language. Supports MS-DOS and Unix. (Apr 1998)
Operations Research Software Links The Operations Research and Mathematical Optimization - Software page contains dozens of links to freeware O.R. libraries and tools (Apr 1998)
SoPlex - Sequential O-O simplex class library The Sequential Object-oriented sim PLEX class library is a C++ library of primal and dual simplex algorithms for solving linear programming problems. Includes linear algebra classes (regular and sparse) (Dec 2001)
Books about Operations ResearchA complete list of books on Operations Research available through Amazon.COM