GCC on Win32 for PalmPilot targets Although Unix developers have had a GCC cross-compiler for the PalmPilot available for some time, this project brings cross-compilation for PalmPilot to the Win32 platform. Compile and link C/C+ programs on the PC and download them to your PalmPilot. (Mar 1999)
pi-address - X11 based Address Manager pi-address is a GUI frontend to address databases from a 3Com Palm Pilot. It can read/edit/save database files in PDB-format. Those files can be read from or written to the pilot using 'pilot-xfer' from the pilot-link package. Freeware w/source (Feb 2000)
PocketC - C compiler for WinCE/PalmOS/Win32 The PocketC compiler can produce executables for PalmOs, WinCE, and Win32. An easy to use development environment. (May 2001)
Ray's PalmPilot Software Archive With a name like you can be sure they are focused on PalmPilot applications. This is a special section featuring source code for PalmPIlot. (Dec 1997)
RoadCoder's Source Code for PalmPilot RoadCoders' Source Code page provides links to dozens of PalmPilot applications which include full source code in C: from "Hello World" to a Forth Interpreter. (Dec 1997)
Books about PalmPilotA complete list of books on PalmPilot available through Amazon.COM