Persistent Storage
AdFrame Engine - Persistent Objects AdFrame Engine is an object persistence C++ frameworks for linking of relational and legacy databases to cross-platform C++. Accelerate your software development by up to 50%. Supports Linux/Win32. (May 2001)
GNU E/Exodus Persistent C++: GNU E is a persistent, object-oriented language which extends C++ to handle persistent data, and program-level data objects that can be handled across multiple executions without explicit I/O operations. Supports Sun and HP.
MetaKit - classes for persistent storage Complex datastructures in one file: Store multiple nested data structures, to create document-centric applications. Multiplatform support, easily restructure files, serialization, encryption, compression, and more! (Nov 1998)
NDS - Node Data System for persistent storage Node Data System (libnds) is a cross platform library that dynamically manages data. It comes in two flavours, version 1 in C using a node structure, and version 2 in C++ using a node class. (Jul 2003)
OBST - GNU persisten OBject STorage OBST is a persistent object management system with bindings to C++. OBST supports incremental loading of methods. (May 2000)
POST++ - Persistent Object Storage for C++ POST++ provides a simple persistent storage for your application, making your objects persistent with no overhead on accessing objects at runtime. POST++ is small, flexible and powerful system, based on memory mapping mechanism. Supports NT and Unix (Sep 1998)
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