DCE RPC for Linux In an effort to promote DCE and (more importantly) to provide for myself a DCE like development environment, I have ported the Public Domain DCE RPC 1.1 to Linux 2.0.30 and LinuxThreads. (Feb 2003)
DCE/MS-RPC Interoperability This directory contains sample code that illustrates RPC interoperability amongst:
  • IBM's AIX DCE 2.x
  • Gradient's PC-DCE 2.2 for NT,
  • DCE for HP-UX 10.x and 11.x,
  • Microsoft RPCs on NT
  • Transarc's DCE 2.0 for Solaris 2.6, (Feb 2003)
  • FireRPC - RPC over XML FireRPC is a library that provides an easy interface for C programs to make remote function queries via the XML RPC protocol. It supports SSL/TLS, HTTP authentication, HTTP 1.1 persistent connections, and pipelining. GPL (Aug 2003)
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