Spell Checker
Aspell - A More Intelligent Ispell Aspell is a spell checker designed to eventually replace ispell. Mainly, it produces higher quality of suggestions than ispell does. Also supports checking (La)TeX and HTML. Supports Win32 and Unix. Freeware (Jul 2000)
Code.Spell - Source Code Spell Checker Code.Spell checks static strings in your source code. Supports any language which uses single or double-quotes as string delimiters. Runs on Windows only. Shareware $25. (Nov 1998)
GNU ISpell - interactive spell checker Ispell is a program that helps you to correct spelling and typographical errors in a file. When presented with a word that is not in the dictionary, ispell attempts to find near misses that might include the word you meant. (Sep 2000)
International Ispell - multilingual spell checker International Ispell is an interactive spell-checking program for Unix which supports a large number of European languages. An emacs interface is available as well as the standard command-line mode. (Oct 2001)
XDE Spell Checker - for web-based applications Complete control over dictionary provided by COM or Java, enabling multiple platform (incl. ASP.NET) support. Stability and load management for IIS via MTS/COM+. Client side configurable using JavaScript actions to display spell check for selected text. (Oct 2003)
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