An Interview with Stan Lippman, VC++ Architect Stanley recently joined Microsoft as the Architect for Visual C++ so I caught up with him to have a chat on what he sees as the past, present and future of Visual C++, and what his own personal goals are for Visual C++. (Nov 2001)
ANSI/ISO C++ Draft Standard The ANSI C++ Draft dated 2 December 1996. This is the second public review document. Its obsolete but the only version that doesn't cost money to own.
ANSI/ISO C++ Incompatibility Page This page lists all known incompatibilities between "classic" C++ defined by the The Annotated C++ Reference 2nd Ed. ("ARM") and ISO C++ (Nov 1999)
ASCII/EBCDIC Table Convert from ASCII to EBCDIC with this easy lookup table. Also includes binary and hex values as well. (Nov 1997)
Beyond the ARM - C++ standards changes This site is devoted to explaining the changes made to C++ by the joint ISO/ANSI C++ committee since Bjarne Stroustrup's Annotated Reference Manual ("ARM") was published. Also the de-facto home of the UK delegation to ISO C++ committee. (Nov 1999)
C9X Draft in HTML Format The entire C9X draft is available in HTML with a modest amount of hyperlinks. C9X is the successor to the ISO/ANSI C standard ratified almost 10 years ago. (Apr 2002)
Embedded C++ Homepage The emerging Embedded C++ standardization efforts
ISO C committee's ftp archive (C9X) This is the designated FTP site of the ISO C Committee. These are documents proposing extensions and changes to the C language. Several of them are being considered for the next version of the language, C9X. (Dec 1997)
ISO C Home page - JTC1/SC22/WG14 The ISO/ANSI official web pages for Programming Language C. Includes all the papers for the C standard and related ISO specifications, and the issues list for these specifications (Oct 2002)
ISO C++ Home page - JTC1/SC22/WG21 The ISO home page for the C++ standard. Includes all the papers for the C++ commitee, and the issues lists for defects in the C++ standard. (Oct 2002)
The Dinkum C Library Reference P.J. Plauger, editor of C/C++ Users Journal, provides a browser-viewable reference to the Standard C Library, corresponding to ISO/IEC 9899 (1990) as amended in 1995, on his website. (Oct 1998)
The UNICODE Standard The Unicode Worldwide Character Standard is a character coding system designed to support the interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse languages of the modern world. (Nov 1999)
Books about StandardsA complete list of books on Standards available through Amazon.COM