STL Programming
basic_oformatstream template class The main template class, basic_oformatstream, acts as a shim ("something thin placed between two parts to make a fit") between the user and the ostream the object is tied to. You get the familiar features of sprintf with C++ type streams. (Nov 2001)
c2lib - a Perl/STL-like library of basics for C c2lib is a library of basic tools for C programs. Features like Perl strings and C++ like STL. Includes pool allocator, vector, hash, string-hash, and matrix/vector functions. LGPL (Feb 2001)
Database Template Library - Like STL for databases DTL makes ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container. Use standard STL iterators and even commit changes to the DBMS. Supports most STL algorithms too. Win32. Open Source. (Dec 2000)
David Musser's STL site These pages contain detailed descriptions of STL generic algorithms, but only brief overviews of containers and iterators. Musser's research was the stimulus for the STL and he has written many papers and books on it.
Dinkumware STL Online Reference P.J. Plauger, editor of C/C++ Users Journal, provides a browser-viewable reference to the Standard Template Library on his website.
GGCL - Generic Graph Component Library GGCL is a collection of graph algorithms and data structures, created in the generic programming style of the Standard Template Library (STL). Supports Linux, Win32, SGI. Freeware. (Jun 2002)
GTL - Graph Template Library STL has no support for graphs and graph algorithms. GTL contains the classes needed to work with graphs, nodes and edges and some basic algorithms as building blocks for more complex graph algorithms. Based on LEDA API. Freeware (Nov 1999)
How to use std::vector - GOTW #74 Almost everybody uses std::vector, and that's good. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand some of its semantics and end up unwittingly using it in surprising and dangerous ways. (Feb 2001)
HP release of STL This is the "original" STL release from HP. Useful for adding STL to C++ compilers without native support or understanding where STL came from. (Jul 1998)
Johannes Weidl's STL Tutorial This paper tries to give a comprehensive and complete survey on the STL programming paradigm and shall serve as step-by-step tutorial for the STL newcomer, who has fundamental knowledge in C++ and the object-oriented paradigm (Nov 1999)
libDS - STL based data structures libDS is a freeware data structure library that uses STL to store any data type through subclassing of a main Containable class. Containers for Vector, Hashtable, Dictionary, Stack, and Queue plus string classes. (Apr 1999)
libsmart - STL framework for sockets and threads I found this STL based framework very useful (sockets, threads, sync objects ...) (Jul 2003)
Mumit's STL Newbie guide This guide is to help those who are starting out with STL. Mostly dealswith hard to find answers, such as how to create containers of pointers, or how to manage manual instantiation of STL template with GCC, etc. (Jul 1998)
n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm The page contains an n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm n-ary Huffman algorithm uses the {0, 1, ..., n-1} alphabet to compress message. Huffman template algorithm enables to use non-numerical weights (costs, frequences). (Jun 2001)
NOT Template Library - arrays, lists, and trees The NOT Template Library is a set of C++ classes, including two template list classes, a template array class, a template tree class, a string class, and a wide-char string class. GPL license. (Apr 2000)
PTypes - C++ Portable Types Library PTypes is a simple alternative to the STL that includes multithreading and networking. It defines dynamic strings, character sets, variants, lists and other basic data types along with threads, synchronization primitives and IP sockets. Unix/Win32 (Aug 2003)
STL Error Decryptor for Visual C++ Home of the STL Error Message Decryptor Software described in Leor Zolman's July, 2001 CUJ article. Also mentioned in Scott Meyer's Effective STL (Jul 2001)
STL Links and Quick Reference Guide Yotam Medini's 8-page Quick Reference to STL. It consists of a (600 DPI) postscript file and a small examples program. Code and output segments from this program are shown in the Quick Reference (Jun 2001)
STLPort - freely available STL The ANSI/ISO C++ specifcation includes a standard C++ library, also known as the STL. GCC by default comes with an implementation that does not comply with this standard, but instead partly implements an older version. STLport is freely available version (Dec 2001)
STLSoft - lightweight STL libraries STLSoft itself provides cross-platform, technology/API-neutral classes and functions that stand on their own and are useful as independent libraries. Includes Algorithm, Conversion, Memory, Type & String. Publically usable w/license. (Apr 2003)
Views - a STL extension This software extends the STL by adding template classes that define views. A view is an abstract container whose contents are determined by applying a filtering transformation to an encapsulated domain. (Jul 1998)
Books about STL ProgrammingA complete list of books on STL Programming available through Amazon.COM