String Classes
C++ String Wrapper classes - when to use which Since C-style strings can be error-prone and difficult to manage, not to mention a target for hackers looking for buffer overrun bugs, there are lots of string wrapper classes. Unfortunately, it's not always clear which class should be used (Nov 2002)
CUTF8String - stores UTF-8 like CString CUTF8String object (C++, Win32). Similar to CString but stores internal characters as UTF-8 formated text. Freeware (Dec 2002)
Vstr - string library for network communication Vstr is a string library designed for network communication, but applicable in a number of other areas. It works on the idea of separate nodes of information, and works on the length/ptr model and not the termination model a la "C strings". LGPL license (Sep 2002)
Books about String ClassesA complete list of books on String Classes available through Amazon.COM