Template Metaprograms
Generative and Component-Based Programming The goal of generative and component-based software engineering is to increase the productivity, quality, and time-to-market in software development thanks to the deployment of both standard componentry and production automation. (Jun 2001)
GMCL - Generative Matrix Computation Library GMCL represents is a case study in Generative Programming. The GMCL makes widespread use of expression templates, generative C++ programming idioms, and many template metaprogramming facilities, e.g. control structures for static metaprogramming (Jun 2001)
Template Metaprogramming Czarnecki and Eisenecker show how template metaprogramming opens a wealth of new possibilities in C++ programming, e.g. static configuration, adaptive programs, and much more. (Jun 2001)
Template Metaprogramming - Carlo Pescio Dr. Carlo Pescio's paper "Template Metaprogramming: Make parameterized integers portable with this novel technique" from C++ Report, Vol. 9 No. 7, July-August 1997. (Jun 2001)
Template Metaprograms - Todd Veldhuizen Reprint of Todd Veldhuizen's article from 1995 C++ Report. The introduction of templates to C++ added a facility whereby the compiler can act as an interpreter. (Jun 2001)
Veldhuizen, Todd Veldhuizen is an expert in Template Metaprogramming, object-oriented numerics, signal processing, and active libraries (Jun 2001)
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