C/C++ Program Perfometer C/C++ Program Perfometer by Alex Vinokur: enables to get C/C++ program performance for any metrics (for instance, uclocks, rusage etc). Freeware w/source (Apr 2002)
CxxTest - JUnit like C++ unit testing framework CxxTest is a JUnit/CppUnit/xUnit-like framework for C++ that doesn't require RTTI, member template functions, exception handling, or any external libraries. Implemented as a set of header files which makes it extremely portable and usable. (Aug 2003)
Digital Tester - test management solution Digital Tester can be used by testers as a cost-effective test management solution. By using the built-in reports and third-party tools like Crystal Reports, it will help you analyze your test results. Free for non-commercial use (Sep 2003)
HarnessIt - Unit testing for .NET modules HarnessIt is the premier unit testing software for the Microsoft.NET languages. Designed from the ground up for the .NET Framework, HarnessIt takes full advantage of language innovations provided by .NET (Nov 2002)
QACity.COM - The Tester's homepage The Tester's Home Page where you can quickly find software testing related information and news on the latest technologies that will help you in your daily working activities (Oct 2001)
QAForums.COM - QA discussion groups QAForum features dozens of web-based discussion groups on Software Testing, Automated Test Tools (one for each product), Load/Performance Tools, Quality Engineering (code coverage, configuration mgmt.) and much more. (Oct 2001)
Smalltalk style Testing Pattern From Extreme Programming guru Kent Beck comes a simple O-O testing strategy and a framework to support it. The testing strategy and framework are not intended to be complete solutions. Source code for C++ or Smalltalk (Aug 1999)
Testing Tools Supplier List This list includes test design tools, test implementation tools, test evaluation tools, static analysis tools, and miscellaneous tools. Generally commercial tools only. (Feb 1998)
TestingStuff.COM - all your QA resources Kerry Zallar's TestingStuff.com features links to associations, tools, training, services, references, conferences, articles, and even QA live chat room. (Oct 2001)
Books about TestingA complete list of books on Testing available through Amazon.COM