ABC-Library - Cross-platform library The ABC class library includes TCP/IP, multi-threading, extended string functionality, container, and serialization. Supports Linux/Win32. (May 2001)
Cheap Threads - portable C thread library Cheap Threads is a collection of portable C routines for implementing sychronous threads. It includes a scheduler and a facility for passing messages among threads. Threads may run in a round robin or according to a priority scheme. LGPL license (Sep 2002)
CWThreads - Windows thread classes CWThread supports trivial and notificable threads, several levels of thread synchronization, thread notification model, synchronous and asynchronous inter-thread communication, GUI friendly, and concurrency handling stability. Shareware $75. (Apr 2002)
ITC - Inter-Thread Communication ITC aims to make it exceedingly easy to call functions in other threads. The lexer does all the work, so just run the lexer on your headers, then call the stub functions. In addition, it also provides a complete threading API. For Linux. LGPL (Aug 2001)
JThreads/C++ JThreads/C++ means Java-like Threads for C++. JThreads/C++ is a high-level thread abstraction library that gives C++ programmers the “look & feel” of Java threads. Supports Unix, Linux, Windows 95 and NT. Freeware with source. (Jun 2003)
libsmart - STL framework for sockets and threads I found this STL based framework very useful (sockets, threads, sync objects ...) (Jul 2003)
Making your C++ code thread-safe A simple C++ critical section implementation for the Win32 platforms, introduces a CriticalSection class to encapsulate the efforts. Freeware (Feb 2002)
Pth - GNU Portable Thread library GNU Portable Threads (Pth) is a very portable POSIX/ANSI-C based library for Unix platforms providing non-preemptive priority-based scheduling for multiple threads of execution. Lightweight, cooperative threading. (Oct 1999)
pthrlib - write small and fast servers in C pthrlib is a library for writing small, fast and efficient servers in C. supports reactor and pseudothreads, http library, wait queue, mutex, multiple-reader/single-writer locks, and more Unix only. LGPL (Feb 2001)
QpThread - class library for Posix threads The QpThread C++ class library for threads and Unix signals on top of system (POSIX Threads). Supports deferred cancellation through C++ exception, timer, producent/consumer containers, thread pool and much more. Freeware (Oct 1999)
schedutils - scheduling utilities for Linux The Linux scheduler utilities take advantage of the scheduler family of syscalls that Linux implements across various kernels. These system calls implement interfaces for scheduler-related parameters such as CPU affinity and real-time attributes. (Sep 2002)
State Threads - thread library for TCP/IP apps State Threads allows writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications on UNIX-like platforms. It offers a threading API for structuring a network application as an event-driven state machine. (Apr 2002)
Timer_q - queued timer driven events Timer_q is a shared C library which implements multiple queues of timed events. This is commonly needed, but often implemented badly (via. alarm()). The library also aims to be fast, small, and easy to use. Linux (Jan 2003)
txObject - Application Tool Kit framework txObject Application Tool Kit (ATK) is a free package of powerful C++ libraries that provides a framework: Object Library, I/O & Timers, Threads, IPC, and Distributed Object Communication. Win32/Linux/Unix (Jan 2001)
Zthread - portable object-oriented threads ZThread package is an advanced object-oriented, cross-platform, C++ threading and synchronization library that has been designed and implemented by the author and released under the LGPL. POSIX and Win32, C++ or Java. (Sep 2001)
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