Bug Tracking
AceProject - a free bug tracking and more FreeTaskManager offers free web based bug tracking, task management, timesheet and time management software for project managers and workers. Try the demo version and then create a company. (May 2003)
Adminitrack - web-based defect tracking AdminiTrack is a premier application service provider (ASP) providing an easy to use, high performance hosted Issue and Defect Tracking Application designed specifically for professional software development teams. 30 Day free trial. From $60/month. (Oct 2003)
Advanced Bug Tracking Service Advanced bug tracking service (free with no limitation for small teams), intranet solution also available. Bug and user hierarchy, security, persistent task filters, file uploading, submit bugs from your site, e-mail notification and timesheets (Apr 2002)
Bug Tracker Software - web-based defect tracking Bug Tracker Software is a web-based bug tracking and defect data sharing system. Features include database support for MSSQL, ORACLE, Sybase, Access, Postgres, DB2, etc. Offers E-mail and instant messaging support and more. Free demo. (Mar 2002)
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert Web-based bug tracking software system allowing development teams to share QA data 24/7 from any internet enabled platform. Online demo available (Jul 2003)
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert™ Web-based bug and defect tracking software by Applied Innovation Management. Keep development teams in multiple locations well informed 24/7 from any internet or intranet enabled platform. Free online demo available (Mar 2002)
BugCentral BugCentral is ASP-based tracking and management application. An economical solution saving users time and money. Users pay a minimal user and project fee only when they use the application. The GUI interface is customizable. (Apr 2001)
BugMonitor.com - online bug-tracking service BugMonitor.com is a web-based bug tracking service for the software development industry. It provides QA personnel, developers, and their clients with global defect management throught the lifecycle. Free 45-day trial available. (Oct 2003)
Bug-Track.com - Bug Tracking Software Access your bugs, issues or defect from anywhere. Always Unlimited Users, Unlimited Projects. Try our free Account. (Feb 2003)
bugVisor - complete ASP based project tracking bugVisor is a fully web-based (ASP) solution for change management, bug and defect tracking, project issue collaboration, post release support and help desk with a fully customizable workflow (from emergence to resolution). (Jul 2002)
Bugzero Bug Tracking System Bugzero is an easy-to-install web-based bug, defect, issue and incident tracking system. Customized to fit software, hardware, and help desk support situations. Bugzero is platform and database system independent. Demo avail. From $199 (Oct 2002)
Change Management Expert™ Change Management Expert is the official change management product of Applied Innovation Management. Web based, data driven software for managing and controling change, helpdesk and tracking within your company. Demo available. (Mar 2002)
Defect Agent - Bug tracking Defect Agent includes bug tracking, workflow management, project prioritization, detailed audit history for each item, data table definition, and the ability to maximize communication between all technical staff members (Nov 2002)
Defect Manager - bug tracking software Defect Manager Release 4.0 tracks, bugs, defects, and enhancements through the complete entire life cycle of software development from requirements through field deployment. An invaluable tool for management, product development, quality assurance, (Feb 2003)
Defect Tracker - web-based defect tracking Deliver software solutions to specification, on time with this powerful issue tracker and bug tracker. Defect Tracker tracks functional specifications, test cases, bugs, and allows you to share documents via the web. From $20/user/month. (Oct 2003)
Elementool - web based bug tracking system Elementool is used on a daily basis by its customers, and is integrated in their product development process. No software is required. It is available for free on the elementool web site (Aug 2001)
ExtraView - web-based defect tracking ExtraView is a Web-based bug/defect/issue tracking and workflow management system all administered over the web. Standard integrations with most commercial SCM systems (Microsoft VSS, PVCS, Perforce) and E-CRM solutions (Seibel and Clarify). (Jul 2002)
Fast BugTrack - web-based change management tool Alcea Fast BugTrack is a software package for web based bug tracking, supporting email notification and attachments. Very flexible, yet easy to install, support and maintain, it includes a built-in webserver and database. ($249 and up). Free evaluation. (Dec 2002)
GNATS - GNU bug tracking system GNATS was designed as a tool for software maintainers. It consists of several utilities which, when used in concert, formulate and administer a database of Problem Reports grouped by site-defined "problem categories". (May 1999)
LogiGear - web-based defect tracking This Web-based defect-tracking solution gives you the power to manage the most complicated projects from anywhere, anytime, and any way you want with its simple intuitive GUI drag-and-drop workflow model. $1500+ (Oct 2001)
OpenTrack - an Open Source Issue Tracking Tool Open Track is a flexible issue tracking tool originally developed at OSF. It has been ported to a wide variety of Unix systems, it is client/server (TCP/IP), extensible via TCL, and integrated with AccuRev. (Aug 1999)
PRepS - a Problem Reporting System PRepS is a problem reporting and tracking system similar to Gnats, only simpler to use. Currently, PRepS is best used with smaller projects or projects where all developers have access to the same network. Linux only. Freeware. (May 2000)
ProblemTracker - bug tracking with collaboration ProblemTracker is a Web-based collaboration tool for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, and change management. Includes groupware features like discussion threads for each issue, and alerts and escalations (Feb 2003)
Software Planner - web-based software planning Deliver software solutions to specification, on time with this powerful issue tracker and bug tracker. Software Planner tracks all phases of the development software life cycle. From $20/user/month (Oct 2003)
SPOTS - Service and PrOblem Tracking System SPoTS is a secure, affordable, online, enterprise-class service order and defect tracking system. The product's hosted architecture allows for rapid system deployment. Priced as an Application Service Provider monthly fee. (Dec 2002)
Squish - web-based defect tracking Squish allows users to securely track defects and bugs and manage issues in a web-based environment. Users can fully customize project data variables in minutes. The system supports unlimited users, and unlimited projects - plus 120 day free trial. (Nov 2002)
TaskComplete - web-based bug tracking service TaskComplete is a web-based task and defect tracking software. Includes team task list, calendar, message board, integrated document management. Many customizable features. From $4 per user per month (Oct 2003)
YKAP - Your Kind Attention Please bug tracker Powerful, cost effective, Customizable, Web based(XML) Bug / Defect tracking, Issue Management product. Unlimited projects, test environments, attachments, export to PDF/RTF/XLS/HTML/Text, email alerts, exhaustive data/trends analysis, history. (Jul 2003)
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