Users Group
Association of C and C++ Users This user group publishes a bi-monthly journal, has cataloged over 1600 book reviews, and sponsors conferences (in UK and Europe) (Jul 1998)
Borland User Groups User group listings for Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, JBuilder, Java, and Internet tools (Jan 2002)
C/C++ Users Group The C/C++ Users Group, founded in 1981, is dedicated to distributing freeware and shareware libraries and tools for all platforms. The primary distribution mechanism is its annual CD-ROM. The site includes job postings, book and magazine store. (Jul 1998)
Cascara.NET - programming resources in Espaņol Sistemas Computacionales en Espaņol, comunidad de Sistemas Computacionales. System Computer site in Spanish, system computer's community. Tampico, Tamaulipas Mexico (Aug 2002)
Mid-Atlantic Visual C++ Users Group This group meets regularly in the Washington, DC area and hosts speakers with topics about new Windows technologies and their APIs. Current topics include MFC, ATL, and COM+ (Jul 1998)
Software-Engineer.ORG Our objective is to improve communication about Software Engineering and to create a Community for Software Engineers. This website is dedicated to free information sharing between software engineers (i.e. professionals, faculty members and students). (Apr 2001)
TeX Users Group - for TeX document formatting TeX Users Group (TUG) provides many resources including mailing lists and comprehensive links to all implementations (freeware and commercial) of Knuth's TeX and related translators and printing tools. (Aug 1999)
Books about Users GroupA complete list of books on Users Group available through Amazon.COM