LIFTPACK - lifting scheme wavelet transforms LIFTPACK is a C library for calculation of 1D and 2D Haar and Biorthogonal wavelet transforms using the lifting scheme. The lifting scheme is a new approach for the construction of any wavelets entirely in the spatial domain (Feb 2003)
MG++ - C++ Multigrid Generator Toolkit MG++ is a multigrid generator written in C++. At its heart is "MGLIB", a MultiGrid class LIBrary, constituting a grid generator, a generator [of gauge field configurations], and a multilevel update generator. GNU license. (Feb 2003)
Wavelet Digest - papers on wavelet applications The Wavelet Digest is a free electronic newsletter available to researchers with a standing interest in wavelets and their applications. It is a moderated forum whose primary role is to link together the wavelet community (Feb 2003)
Wavelet zerotree image compression We present here the results of our latest noise robust codec. We've used a variation of the SPIHT and EZW encoders as a basis for a Packetized Wavelet Zerotree Compression scheme ( PZW ). (Feb 2003)
wvlt - The Imager Wavelet Library The Imager Wavelet Library (wvlt) is a small set of routines that allow the user to manipulate wavelets. This package includes C source for the library and for three sample binaries that call it, some demos, and some (sparse) documentation. (Feb 2003)
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