CCodeWhiz - Generates Win32 skeleton If you have experience with programming with Win32 API, you would definitely know that it at least require 90 lines of code just to display a window. CCodeWiz made this process much simpler and take you through this mine field. Freeware (May 1999)
Code Guru - MFC Sourcebook This site is an oasis for MFC developers: you can find tips and tricks for all of the MFC classes to make them do what you need them to. It is organized like a highly-structured mailing list archive with an emphasis on small but important solutions. (Dec 1997)
COM by CodeMarine A series of PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of COM, including various MFC and ATL topics (May 1998)
Creating Windows Programs in C++ - Infrastructure In this, the second of my Win32 programming tutorials i am going to show you how to build up a neat and maintainance-friendly infrastructure. This infrastructure is to make the code a lot more easy to read and update. (May 2003)
CWThreads - Windows thread classes CWThread supports trivial and notificable threads, several levels of thread synchronization, thread notification model, synchronous and asynchronous inter-thread communication, GUI friendly, and concurrency handling stability. Shareware $75. (Apr 2002)
DBWin32 - Debugging Utility DBWin32 is a useful utility for debugging on Windows NT and 95. The current version is 1.67 and it comes with full source code. (Jan 2000)
GNU-Win32 Project The GNU-Win32 tools are Win32 ports of the popular GNU development tools for Windows NT and 95. They function through the use of the Cygwin32 library which provides a UNIX-like API that operates on top of the Win32 API. (Dec 1997)
Internet Resource for Windows Developers This page features numerous links to websites, articles, and source code relevant to Windows programming. The links are conveniently listed by category. This is a good jumping-off point for Windows developers.
kbMacro - key macro player with source KbMacro - a systemwide macro hotkey utility for Windows NT/95/98 that utilizes the natural keyboard windows key. Source code archive. (Jan 2000)
MFC FAQ Scott Wingo and now Justin Rudd worked hard to answer your frequently asked questions about MFC. Includes gross detail about MFC versions and all objects (dialogs, windows, views, and documents). Also includes a Visual C++ FAQ and lots of WWW links.
Microsoft's DirectX resource page Direct access to the DirectX technologies and SDKs you need for multimedia and game development. Includes DirectShow, DirectAnimation, and Device Driver Kits (DDK). (Jun 2002)
MS VC++ Language Newsgroup MS Official forum for Visual C++ language issues (note: you will have to register with MS tech support) (Mar 1998)
NTTAR - GNU Tar for Windows NT This is a port of the GNU-tar 1.11.8 for Windows-NT using the WIN32 tape API. Only nessesary modules are included in this package. It is based on the structure of the port of tar 1.10 with ASPI-support (C Source) (Jun 2003)
OWL Sources Various and sundry resources for programming with Borland's ObjectWindows Library (OWL). (Dec 1997)
Porting Windows Device Drivers to AMD64 Platforms This white paper provides a technical overview of the AMD64 technology and first steps to jumpstart porting of existing 32-bit device drivers to a version of Microsoft Windows for AMD64 with an emphasis on maintaining a single source code base. (May 2003)
ReactOS - Windows NT OS Clone ReactOS is an attempt to create an OS which is binary compatible with NT 4.0 drivers and applications. Theres a lot of work ahead but you can join in or satisfy your curiousity on this ambitious project. (Mar 1999)
REGEX for Win32 REGEX is the regular expression string handling library as defined by POSIX. One common use of regular expressions is file wildcards. George J. Carette provides ports of both GNU REGEX and BSD REGEX specially ported to the Win32 environment. (Nov 1997)
softick - win32 debugger and disassembler Softick is a compact debugger with a built-in disassembler. See from within the process of execution any Windows of the program. Can be used as a helper for Visual Studio or as a standalone process. Shareware. (Jan 2000)
U2NT - Unix POSIX API for NT platforms U2NT is a library which provides most of the Unix APIs you need to port your Unix application quickly and easily to NT (Jul 1999)
WFC - Win32 Foundation Classes Sam Blackburn's WFC encapsulates tricky bits of the Win32 API into easy-to-use classes. Also encapsulates a lot of original work too. Categories include network, communications, tape I/O, NT services, mixer, and more stuff all the time.
Windows API Programming Bulletin Board Post any questions you may have regarding Windows API programming. This is a forum for both simple and advanced questions. Or, if you have an opinion and you want to share it then this is the place (Jul 2002)
Windows XP style Collapsible Panel Bar Derek Lakin shows how he extended System.Windows.Forms.Panel classes for a collapsible panel and a panel bar to contain them, in a Windows XP style. (Nov 2002)
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