A Simple XML Parser Presented here is a C++ class that supports reading and writing non-validated XML files. The class does have a Save/SaveAs function and this can be used to create an XML document by using the class as the root element. (Jun 2001)
El-Kabong - SAX style HTML parser El-Kabong is a speedy, SAX-stylee HTML parser. It has a very clean interface, forgives poorly written HTML, and is quite fast. BSD license (Sep 2002)
expat - XML Parser Toolkit XML Parser Toolkit is James Clark's library for non-validating XML parsing in C. Expat (formerly xmltok) is being used to add support for XML to Netscape Navigator 5 and Perl. Supports Win32. Open Source. (Jul 2000)
FireRPC - RPC over XML FireRPC is a library that provides an easy interface for C programs to make remote function queries via the XML RPC protocol. It supports SSL/TLS, HTTP authentication, HTTP 1.1 persistent connections, and pipelining. GPL (Aug 2003)
Free XML tools and software Lars Marius Garshol's complete index of XML tools and software is thoroughly indexed by platform (language or OS), vendor, product name, conforming standard, and more. Very easy to find what you need for XML development. (Jul 2000)
Gorep XML Parser - a free XML parser Free source code to parse XML files (C++, Win32). It is designed to be as fast as possible. Internals are very advanced but easy to use. Classes used to serialize information to and from XML file (Dec 2002)
libferris - virtual filesystem with C++ interface libferris is a virtual filesystem that exposes hierarchical data of all kinds through a common C++ interface. Access to data is performed using C++ IOStreams and Extended Attributes (EA) can be attached to present metadata. Supports XML. Linux only (Sep 2002)
Logictran - HTML/XML/RTF conversions The Logictran RTF Converter converts word processing documents into HTML or XML. It is available across a wide range of platforms Windows 9x/NT/2000, Macintosh (68k or PowerPC), Unix. HTML to RTF conversion available too. (Sep 2002)
LT XML - XML tools and API LT XML is an integrated set of XML tools and a developers toolkit, including a C-based API. Includes tools for processing of well-formed XML docs such as search, extract, and sort. Supports Win32 and Unix. Freeware (Jul 2000)
Objective Systems - Real World ASN.1 and XML The ASN1C products developed by Objective Systems supports real world ASN.1 and XML Solutions, support compiler and run-time library languages for C/C++/JAVA and encoding rules BER/DER/PER/XER. (Apr 2003)
PXSL - Parsimonious XML Shorthand Language PXSL ("pixel") is a convenient shorthand for writing markup-heavy XML documents. It provides XML authors and programmers with a simple, concise syntax that they can use to create XML documents. Win32/Linux/Mac. GPL (Aug 2003)
Sax in C++ SAX in C++ is a full SAX2 implementation, including the optional interfaces and helper classes. Can produce strings and wstrings. It also includes SAX2 wrappers for expat, libxml, Xerces, and MSXML. (May 2002)
SAXON - the XSLT processor The Saxon package is a collection of tools for processing XML documents. The main components are: An XSLT processor which implements the Version 1.1 XSLT, an XSL-like Java library, and the Ælfred XML parser. GPL (Feb 2002)
SXML - define/implements markup language in XML SXML is a tool to define and implement at same time a markup language. Given a document containing user defined tags and their definition a new document is produced. SXML supports the XML 1.0 syntax excluded entity support and documents' DTDs. (May 2000)
TOPXML.COM - XML developer community site Top XML is where developers can contribute content, share XML source code and learn. Spend some time in the XML discussion board and get to know everyone. Inside Top XML you will find over 15,000 pages of XML content and 10,000 members! (Nov 2001)
WDVL Guide to XML Parsers Ken Sall's comprehensive list of XML parsers includes non-validating and validating parsers as well as XML checking/validation services and tools. Host languages include C, C++, Java, Python, and Perl. (Jul 2000)
Wilde - design XML/.NET apps with UML Wilde 1.0 supports the assembly of XML Web Services, .NET and COM components. The Wilde platform targets the design of applications, supporting this design visually in UML. (Sep 2002)
XDBM - XML based database XDBM is a database designed specifically to handle XML data. It offers greater speed (since the data is stored in a preparsed format), lower memory usage and faster searching for XML elements. Freeware. (Apr 2000)
XED - XML document instance editor XED is a text editor for XML document instances. It works very hard to ensure that you cannot produce a non-well-formed document. Read DTDs and keeps track of your document structure. Supports Win32 and Unix. Freeware (Jul 2000)
Xerces-C - Apache XML Validating Parser Xerces-C is a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++. Xerces-C lets your application read and write XML data. Supports XML 1.0 (DOM 1.0, SAX 1.0, Namespaces). Win32, Unix, Linux. Open source. (Jul 2000)
XML2C - XML Checker XML2C conforms to the XML 1.0 standard, uses push-button colouring. Displays DTD in tree format, Multiple XML documents can be viewed simultaneously. Document printing facility. Create new documents. (Aug 2001)
XMLPitStop.COM - XML developer community site XMLPitStop.com provvides a central location to learn about XML, locate resources and network with fellow developers. Site provides a large variety of working demos with downloadable source code, a proven effective method of learning. (Nov 2001)
xmlroff - formats XML into PDF files xmlroff is an XSL formatter: it creates formatted output (PDF files containing text in a variety of type styles and sizes) from an input XML document and an XSL stylesheet. Open Source in C++. (Apr 2003)
XMLSec - XML Security Library XML Security Library is a C library based on LibXML2. It provides an implementation for major XML security standards: XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption. Win32/Linux (Aug 2003)
XMLStarlet - Command Line XML Toolkit XMLStarlet is a set of command-line XML utilities which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using a simple set of shell commands, similar to the way it is done for plain text files using grep/sed/awk/tr/diff/patch (Sep 2003)
ZVON.ORG - XML references, tools, tutorials ZVON.ORG is references, tutorials and interactive tools focused on XML technologies (XSL, CSS, XHTML, ...) which can be downloaded for off-line use. (Nov 2001)
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