AI Education Repository It contains information on AI textbooks, pointers to syllabi, on-line tutorials on specific AI topics, tools and environments for the classroom or lab (general and specific), papers related to AI pedagogy, (Jun 2002)
AISEARCH This is a C++ search class library with artificial intelligence capabilities. AISEARCH is a tool for developing problem solving software. (Sep 2000)
Artificial Life Archive Santa Fe Institute maintains lists of artificial life software packages for Unix, Windows, Macintosh, and MS-DOS. Many include source code. (Nov 1998)
CILib - Computational Intelligence Library Computational Intelligence Library. A framework for developing CI algorithms such as particle swarms, evolutionary algorithms, neural networks etc. (Aug 2003)
CONICAL - Computational Neuroscience Classes CONICAL is a C++ class library for building simulations common in computational neuroscience. Its focus is on compartmental modeling, with capabilities similar to GENESIS and NEURON. (Aug 1998)
DragonDraughts Complete game of "Draughts" for Linux or BSD, uses XBoard for display of pieces. Draughts is the British traditional game of "checkers" (Jan 1998)
EO - Evolutionary Computation Framework EO is a templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library. It contains classes for any kind of evolutionary computation (especially genetic algorithms) you might desire. Supports Linux, IRIX, Win32. (Jun 1998)
Expert Systems Tools Page A comprehensive guide with pointers to freeware and commercial tools. Includes detailed information such as author email contact, platforms supported, and of course source code links. Part of the AI Education Repository. (Aug 2002)
GA Archive Source Code Collection This is an index of source code for implementations of genetic algorithms and other EC methods. Many of these packages are archived here at GA Archive, others are maintained as links. This list is now maintained alphabetically, and by language. (Dec 1997)
GENESIS - Neural Simulation System GENESIS is a general purpose simulation platform which support the simulation of neural systems ranging from complex models of single neurons to simulations of large networks made up of more abstract neuronal components. (Aug 1998)
LILY - Lisp Library for C++ Brings much of the power of LISP techniques to C++ for AI applications. Mainly suited for academic work. You will also need an accompanying text, such as Winston's LISP (ISBN 0201083191) (Jun 1998)
MemAid - predict optimal time of repetitions Memaid is a software designed to predict optimal time of repetitions (computes best possible intervals between reviews, using an Artificial Neural Network). It may be used in learning anything. (Jul 2003)
Pattern Recognition API - in C++ The Pattern Recognition Application Programmer's Interface is a C++ framework for various pattern recognition tasks, especially image analysis. Supports many image formats, analysis methods, classification, and feature analysis tools. Freeware (Jan 2003)
Polyworld - Artificial Life Polyworld is an artificial-world for evolutionary studies. Runs on SGI and other Unix platforms. Source in C++ (Nov 1998)
TIC TAC TOE AI - AI learning game TIC TAC TOE game that learns. Written in C for MS-DOS. Freeware (Jun 2002)
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