Arachne - free CORBA implementation Arachne is a full featured CORBA implementation bundled with an optional layered toolkit for portable C++/CORBA GUI software development. All of Arachne is freely distributable and usable on a variety of platforms (Mac, Win32, Unix). (Nov 1999)
COM and CORBAŽ Side by Side Jason Pritchard's book helps software practitioners analyze and transcend their personal biases toward COM or CORBA so that they may objectively seek the best implementation strategy (Feb 2001)
DCOM and CORBA - An architectural comparison In this paper, Chung and Huang compare architectures of DCOM and CORBA by layers: basic programming architecture, remoting architecture, and the wire protocol architecture. Includes A step-by-step description of remote object activation. (in HTML) (Feb 2001)
EDMA - component alternative to COM or CORBA EDMA is a system similar to COM. This kind of system offers a component framework for developing applications, In EDMA, classes are components and components are classes. GNU (May 2000)
ORBit - Open Source CORBA implementation ORBit is an Object Request Broker aiming for full CORBA 2.2 compliance. It provides a high performance ORB with C, C++, Python, or Eiffel bindings. Linux and Win32. Open Source. (Jul 2000)
TAO - Open Source CORBA implementation TAO is open source software that is compliant with most of the features and components in the CORBA 2.4 specification. It supports Unix, Windows and Embedded platforms. (Apr 2001)
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