Autoduck - documentation generator Autoduck, is a Win32 console utility that extracts specially tagged comment blocks from C/C++, VB, and .ASM files, Autoduck formats the info and produces documentation files in RFT for Word or WinHelp. (Jan 2000)
C2MAN - Automatic documentation tool c2man is an automatic documentation tool that extracts comments from C source code to generate functional interface documentation like Unix man pages. It requires minimal effort from the programmer by not requiring obtuse special syntax conventions. (Nov 1997)
DocVizor - documents class hierarchies DocVizor allows developers to quickly visualize and document the class structure of C++ code by generating a color-keyed diagram of a project's class hierarchy. Generate HTML or bitmap files. $99 (Jul 2002)
doxygen - generate docs from your C/C++/IDL code Doxygen is a documentation system for C, C++ and IDL. It can generate an on-line class browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line LaTEX manual from a set of documented source files. Unix, Linux, Win32. Open Source (Jun 2000)
GNU cpp2html - automatic syntax coloring for HTML cpp2html produces an HTML source with syntax highlighting from a C/C++ source file. Configurable with several options. By the author of java2html. Freeware. (Dec 2000)
OSE OSE improves programmer productivity via code re-use and reducing effort to manage programming jobs. Includes: a C++ class library, a build environment and documentation extraction tools. (Apr 1998)
ReThree-C++ ReThree-C++ is an integrated reverse engineering, redocumentation and reuse tool set. It can be used to extract information from C++ source code, and to create a repository of C++ classes for later retrieval. (Jan 1998)
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