AniTMT - Raytracing animation production system AniTMT is a tool for creating photorealistic films with your PC. It uses scripts to do this and is based on POVray. AniTMT jobs can be distributed around a network. Supports Linux, Beos, Win32. Open Source (Jun 2000)
Blender - open source 3-D animation studio Blender is the in-house software of a high quality animation studio. Blender can be used to create TV commercials, to make technical visualizations or business graphics, to do some morphing, or to design user interfaces. Linux/Win32/Mac (Jul 2003)
Flip - .FLI animation player for Linux Flic animation file player for the Linux console using svgalib. Supports .fli and .flc format files, including SVGA resolution files. Linux only. Freeware. Source in C. (Mar 1999)
Water Ripple Effect - using Win32 API What does an image look like when it is dipped in a tub of water when the tub is subjected to a constant vibration? The more difficult part is to produce the ripple effect, as when a pebble is thrown in the tub. Tutorial in VC++. (Apr 2003)
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