DSP Software at Rice University Rice University's DSP Group has been studying DSP software for 30 years. Here are links to code for wavelets, polynomial root finder, FIR and IIR filter design, time-frequency analysis, FFT, and more (Feb 1999)
libDSP - open source Digital Signal Processing libDSP is a C++ library of digital signal processing routines, including standard vector operations, digital filtering, and transforms. Changes: A new base class for multi-rate filters and a new interpolator class have been added. (Aug 2002)
Paul Browning's Audio Digital Signal Processing Paul Browning's amazing EAR (Edit Audio in Realtime) MFC project includes source for DSP effects like delay, echo, reverb, chorus, flange, FFT, filters, equalization and more. Win32. Freeware (Oct 2001)
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