Adora - cross platform email software Adora is an emailer that will work between Windows and Linux on dual boot computers. Obviously it would be nice to have full access to read/send messages from either OS, and still have the messages all stored together in one place on your system. Freeware (Oct 1999)
Liamail - Outlook-like email client Liamail is a graphical mail client like Microsoft Outlook Express. It is written in C++ with QT. It supports multiple POP3 accounts and basic features like sending/receiving email. GNU GPL (Aug 2001)
Mutt - freeware email client for Unix Mutt is a freeware email client for Unix that supports POP3/IMAP, MIME, PGP, attachments, reply or forward multiple messages simulataneously. Uses ELM-like user interface (Oct 1999)
nail - a MIME capable mailx command Nail is a mail user agent derived from Berkeley Mail 8.1. A POSIX.2 mailx command plus MIME messages, POP3 and SMTP. In recent system environments, nail is Unicode/UTF-8 capable. Able to set a From: Address. Unix only (Jan 2003)
Null webmail - CGI web email gateway in C Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C. Null Webmail is platform-independent and offers language support for English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Netherland and Polish. GPL licensed (Sep 2002)
SEE4C - SMTP Email for C/C++. Email from your C/C++ application (Win16 or Win32) using this DLL. Simple API allows sending email, including MIME attachments. Knowledge of Winsock and TCP/IP not needed. (shareware $95, source code N/A). (Jun 1998)
WinVN - SMTP/news client with source WinVN A news reader which can also send (but not receive) mail using SMTP or MAPI. Built in UUdecode which is especially useful and convenient in downloading and viewing pictures. ROT13 decoding as well (Nov 1998)
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