Exception Handling
10-Minute Solution - Exception Handling Danny Kalev shows you how to use exceptions to pass information about anomalous runtime conditions and to transfer control to an appropriate handler. (from Get Help with C++) (Aug 2002)
An Exceptional Model - designing for exceptions This is not another document about what exception handling is, but more why it exists. When you read this document you will find out how exception handling can help you to design very robust and clean source-code. (Apr 2003)
C++ Exceptions The real power of C++ exception handling lies not only in its ability to deal with exceptions of varying types, but also to call destructor functions during stack unwinding for all local objects constructed before the exception was thrown. (Aug 1998)
Underneath Structured Exceptions & C++ Exceptions Including overview of syntax and functionality, underlying OS exception handling mechanism, implementation, DLL and multiple-thread implications, implementation for Win16, and alternative implementations. (Jun 2002)
Books about Exception HandlingA complete list of books on Exception Handling available through Amazon.COM