Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK ASN.1 tools for C++ with BER, DER, PER and XER encoder/decoder (Sep 2002)
Objective Systems - Real World ASN.1 and XML The ASN1C products developed by Objective Systems supports real world ASN.1 and XML Solutions, support compiler and run-time library languages for C/C++/JAVA and encoding rules BER/DER/PER/XER. (Apr 2003)
OSS ASN.1 Tools for C and C++ The OSS ASN.1 Tools for C, and C++ is a toolkit developed by OSS Nokalva to support ASN.1 and its encoding rules. Full ASN.1:1997 syntax and the following encoding rules: BER, PER, DER, and CER. (Jan 2003)
Books about ASN.1A complete list of books on ASN.1 available through Amazon.COM