Game Development
Allegro - Cross Platform Game Library Allegro is a cross-platform library intended for use in computer games and other types of multimedia programming. Use FLI/FLC, MIDI, high-resolution timers, and more. Supports MS-DOS, Win32, and Unix. Open Source. (Feb 2001)
Chilkat Game SDK The Chilkat SDK is a C++ class library for game and multimedia developers working with DirectX. Version 1.0 is available. The library provides components for user-interfaces,animation, image management, and more. (Mar 1999)
ClanLib - multiplatform game SDK ClanLib delivers a platform independent interface to write games with a common interface to low-level libraries such as DirectX, SVGAlib, X11, GGI, OpenPTC, etc. Supports Linux, Win32, Beos. Freeware w/source. (Apr 2000)
DirectFB - Linux hardware graphics acceleration DirectFB is a thin library that provides developers with hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, an translucent windows and multiple display layers on top of the Linux framebuffer device. Freeware. (Jul 2001)
flipcode - daily game development news/resources All the news that's fit to print for game developers: tutorials, demos, critiques, code, eidtorials, links, and more (Apr 2003)
FreeCNC - free realtime strategy game engine FreeCNC is a free real time strategy game engine. Its purpose is to re-engineer the game Command & Conquer. Includes animation, music, realtime mapping, etc. Supports Linux/Win32/BeOS. GPL. (Jun 2002)
Gamasutra Programming Page The Gamasutra site is devote to all aspects of computer entertainment production. The programming section features in-depth articles by industry experts on such subjects as Fahrenheit API, Using MMX instructions, graphics chipsets, 3-D plug-ins and more! (May 1998)
Game Developers Search Engine Has one of the largest web directories for game development sites and is the only search engine with an active web spider dedicated engine to indexing game development websites. Like Yahoo! (Aug 1999)
GameDevNet - tutorials and reference info The largest online resource for game developers. Featuring a huge reference library, daily news updates, interactive forums, and an online game development workshop! (Aug 1999)
GridSlammer - multiplatform O-O game SDK GridSlammer is an object oriented game SDK for quickly building cross platform isolinear video games (e.g. Diablo). Compiles on Linux and Win32. You can obtain GridSlammer by downloading the refence game, DroidWars. Open Source (Oct 2000)
HawkNL - Hawk Network Library HawkNL is a open source LGPL game-oriented network API released under the GNU (LGPL). Supports Win32, Linux, UNIX, Mac. NLU and HawkVoice™ give developers portable, easy to use alternatives to MS DirectPlay® and DirectPlay® Voice. (Apr 2003)
Irrlicht Engine - 3D cross-platform engine The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance cross platform 3D engine for creating realtime 3D applications. Its main aims are to be easy to use, extremely fast, extensible, and crash safe. (Sep 2003)
lasset - multimedia asset manager library libasset is a C library for game developers, and is designed to simply the process of managing and distributing game assets, such as sprites, textures, sounds, MIDI files, etc. Uses ordinary ZIP files (Oct 1999)
MathEngine MathEngine SDK is non-physicists to include real-time physics in their applications running on mass-market platforms such as PCs and consoles. Collision, friction, articulated bodies, callbacks. Interface for C. (Dec 1998)
Morfit - 3D game development and marketing Morfit offers some great FREE 3D game generation tools (including a 3D engine, World Builder, Terrain builder). A FREE service whcih will promote your games, and provide you with a great opportunity to earn from game development. (Aug 1999)
Poker hand evaluator Probably the first problem you'll run into in writing a poker program is how to quickly and easily evaluate and rank the hands of the players. Here's an evaluator designed for use with GNU C. (Nov 1998)
skyVIDEO - portable graphics drawing library SkyVIDEO is a brand-new powerful drawing library, that is designed to be easy to use and portable. It works currently on DOS, Win32, DirectX and Linux platforms. Includes keyboard and mouse handling, MMX. Freeware. (Oct 1999)
The Nebula Device - Multiplatform 3D Game Engine The Nebula Device is a free multiplatform game engine for Linux and Win32. Uses OpenGL and/or Direct3D for rendering and Tcl/Tk for scripting. A powerful channel animation system too. Open Source. (Jul 2000)
VERGE - Vecnas Extraordinary RPG Engine VERGE is a tool for the creation of video games which handles graphics and audio for you. RPG games are in the style of Sega Geneis and Super Nintendo. Freeware w/source for MS-DOS (Jan 2000)
X2 Game Programming Archive Tons of stuff for programming games in MS-DOS, Amiga, C-64, Unix, and game consoles. Compilation available on CD-ROM too.
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