Aspect-Oriented Programming
AspectC# - An AOSD implementation for C# AOSD hopes to enable you to capture crosscutting concerns in a modular fashion. This dissertation includes the design, implementation and evaluation of a tool that enables the modularisation of crosscutting concerns within C#. (Jul 2003)
Aspect-Oriented Decomposition and Composition This 60-page chapter features basic concepts of AOP including definitions: AspectJ, Demeter, Subject-Oriented Programming, Composition Filters. Also a discussion of technologies for implementing weaving (i.e. "compiling" aspect-oriented programs) (Jun 2001)
Aspect-Oriented Programming Homepage Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a new programming methodology that enables the modularization of crosscutting concerns such as: error-checking, design patterns, synchronization policies, resource sharing (Jul 2001)
Subject-Oriented Programming SOP allows you to create extensions to and configurations of software without modifying original source, encapsulate deltas for multiple platforms, versions, and features, permit decentralized development of classes, and more (Jul 2001)
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