An Interview with Stan Lippman, VC++ Architect Stanley recently joined Microsoft as the Architect for Visual C++ so I caught up with him to have a chat on what he sees as the past, present and future of Visual C++, and what his own personal goals are for Visual C++. (Nov 2001)
Appel, Andrew W. In addition to writing Modern Compiler Implementation series, Appel works on Proof-Carrying Code, Proof-Carrying Authentication, Security through Modularity, and the Standard ML compiler (May 2001)
Coplien, Jim He is author of Multi-Paradigm Design for C++ and of Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms (Aug 2002)
Eckel, Bruce Author of popular books such as Thinking in C++ and Thinking in Java has a lot of free information and tutorials on both subjects. (Jul 1999)
Knuth, Donald Now professor-emeritus at Stanford, Knuth is the author of The Art of Computer Programming, called by many the gospel of computer science. By happy accident, he is also the father of open source computing. (Oct 1999)
Langer, Angelika Ms. Langer is a columnist for C++ Report and an internationally recognized trainer and speaker on C++ development. Areas of expertise: standard C++ library, internationalization, and multithreading. Her site contains selected article reprints. (Feb 1998)
Meyers, Scott Meyers is an internationally known trainer and consultant, columnist for C++ Report and author of several C++ books. Article reprints and some past conference material are available here. (May 1998)
Pohl, Ira Stanford professor Ira Pohl has written many seminal books on C/C++ including C++ Distilled and A Book on C. Website contains book erratas and additional example source code. (Oct 1999)
Schmidt, Doug Contributor to C/C++ Users Journal, C++ Report. Expert on O-O networking technologies including CORBA, patterns, and much more (Feb 2001)
Stroustrup, Bjarne How many people can glibly state "I am the designer and original implementor of C++." on their homepage? well Stroustrup can! His page includes links to FAQs, standards information, text of original papers, and his unique outlook on C++. (May 1998)
Veldhuizen, Todd Veldhuizen is an expert in Template Metaprogramming, object-oriented numerics, signal processing, and active libraries (Jun 2001)
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