Assembly Language
ComputerScienceLab - learn C++ and Assembler A fun, low-cost, self-study course in computer programming. The Windows CD-ROM provides all the tools (editors, compilers, and debuggers) for Assembly and C++. Over 100K words tutorial and 80 fully explained examples. $15 (Apr 2003)
Intel Assembly Language FAQs Several related FAQs on Intel assembly language programming including A86/D86 (freeware assembler and debugger), Borland TASM, Microsoft MASM, and generic Intel Assembly Language issues. (Jan 1998)
Intel Secrets Page This is an unofficial guide to Intel CPU bugs/workarounds, undocumented tricks and exceptions, and speedup techniques. What you don't know about your CPU can make a big difference. (Jul 1998)
NASM - Netwide Assembler for Intel NASM is a freeware assembler for Intel 80x86 and Pentium CPUs. It can be compiled as a cross-assembler on other platforms. Writes 16-bit MS-DOS .OBJ, 32-bit Window .OBJ, COFF, ELF, OS/2 .OBJ and many other binaries. (Oct 2002)
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