ArrayDebugView - Visual Studio Add-In ArrayDebugView-Add-In extends Visual Studio and adds graphical view capabilities to VC6.
  • Plot arrays given any valid pointer expression the debugger understands.
  • Support for all simple types.
  • Support for complex numbers and stride
  • freeware (Dec 2002)
  • Bloodshed - Dev-C++ Free Compiler Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C/C++. It uses Mingw port of GCC as it's compiler. Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler. Pascal IDE too. (Mar 2002)
    CodeWiz - DevStudio Add-in A DevStudio add-In which adds file navigation shortcuts, class member editing, configurable code templates and many other features specifically targeted for professional C++ and MFC coders. Freeware. (Apr 2000)
    DeKlarit - RAD for VisualStudio.NET DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for designing, developing and maintaining the business logic and data layers. Automatically generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets and DataAdapters. (Oct 2002)
    IncrediBuild - parallel nmakes for VC++ IncrediBuild is an add-in to Microsoft Visual C++ that substantially reduces compilation time by distributing compilation tasks across workstations in the local network. A free, fully-functional trial version is available for download. (Aug 2002)
    LibraryBrowser for Visual C++ LibraryBrowser is VisualStudio plug-in primarily intended as a tool to help C++ developers gain new insight and easier access into the structure and contents of class libraries and application source code. Free 30-day trial (Jun 2003)
    Octopod - graphic C++ IDE and editor Octopod is a true visual tool for making C++ programs. Graphic designer allows free mix of standard and ActiveX controls . Strong OLE/ActiveX support. Programs created with Octopod are small and independent of DLLs. Shareware $200. (Apr 1999)
    QIDE - Full featured IDE for Linux QIDE for Linux is a full-featured IDE for Linux, with native support for the C, Fortran, Pascal, and Eiffel languages. It features automatic generation of GNU Makefiles and GNU Automake/Autoconf skeletons, project management and native debugger. (Apr 2000)
    Relo: C++ IDE for Windows A customizable open-source IDE for Windows, Relo supports MingW32 and Borland C++ Compilers. Features include compile, make, rebuild commands, a text editor with syntax highlighting, and more (Apr 2003)
    VPA - Visual Programming Armoury VPA is a multipurpose IDE for C++ and Java programmers that provides multiple views simultaneously, supports structured organization of source code, and includes frameworks. Freeware for Win32 and Unix (May 2000)
    WipeOut - C/Java/Eiffel IDE for Linux WipeOut is an IDE for Linux and other Unix systems. It supports C/C++, Java(tm), Eiffel and Fortran. WipeOut consists of front ends for existing tools like CVS, GDB, MAKE and the JDK. (Dec 1998)
    YAVIC - Yet Another V based IDE for GCC Yavic uses the V library to provide a portable GUI interface for GCC. It eatures an editor with C/C++ syntax highlighting, full undo/redo, find/replace and cut and paste to clipboard. Windows or Unix. Freeware (Jan 2000)
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