Image Processing
CImageBuffer - MFC high resolution bitmaps Supplies a framework that handles images up to 96 bits per pixels in RGB, CCIR, HLS, JPEG or grayScale. The library is free. Optional modules for image analysis and video for windows available. Twain is coming (Sep 1999)
CLIP* - C++ Library for Image Processing CLIP is a C++ image processing package featuring file format independence, data type (GS and color) independence, stream support, semantic awareness, portability, and (eventually) parallel processing. (Jan 2003)
DIPlib - Delft Image Processing Library DIPlib is a platform independent scientific image processing library in C. Used for processing multi-dimensional image data. Functions for transforms, filters, object generation, local structure analysis, and more. Unix/Win32 (Jan 2003)
EPWIC - Embedded Predictive Wavelet Image Coder EPWIC-1 is a grayscale image compression utility written in C. It is based on a wavelet pyramid decomposition whose coefficients are encoded (one bitplane at a time) using a static arithmetic encoder. (Jan 2003)
gPhoto - the GNU digital camera application gPhoto is a free graphical application for retrieving, organizing and publishing images from a range of supported digital cameras or existing images on your local harddrive. Freeware with source. GPL (Aug 1999)
ImageLib - An Image Processing C++ Class Library ImageLib set of classes provides a variety of image and vector types, with additional modules supporting scalar and vector quantisation, wavelet transforms, DCT transforms, and simple histogram operations (Jun 2002)
IUE - Image Understanding Environment The IUE libraries provide image understanding algorithms such as region segmentation, motion, stereo model matching, shape from object recognition, image enhancement, modeling matching, texture analysis, photogrammetry, etc. Unix/Win32 (Jan 2003)
LookingGlass - video stream processing LookingGlass supports real-time live video processing from Video For Windows (VFW) compatible devices, and can read and write BMP, JPG, GIF89 and AVI files. Includes example source code for VC++. (Jul 1999)
paintlib - Image file decoding paintlib is a C++ class library for image file decoding and manipulation. It currently supports the PNG, TGA, TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, Windows BMP, and Mac PICT formats as well as EPS previews. Works on Windows and Solaris (Sep 1998)
TiP - Tools for Image Processing TiP is a C++ library of data structures and algorithms for computer vision and image processing. Provides a consistent, fast, and portable platform for developing general computer vision and image processing applications. Unix only (Feb 2003)
URT - Utah Raster Toolkit The Utah Raster Toolkit is a set of programs for manipulating and composing raster images. Includes many operators such as crop, merge, reposition, rotate, shrink, flip, etc. Source code in C. Requires XWindows host for display tools. Freeware. (Mar 1999)
VXL - C++ Vision Libraries VXL is a collection of highly portable C++ libraries designed for computer vision research. It was created from TargetJr and the Image Understanding Environment (IUE) to make it lighter, faster and more consistent. Freeware. (Dec 2001)
Zoom and PIC This is a C program to do filtered zoom (resize) of 8 and 24-bit raster images. The program supports arbitrary floating point scale and translation with independent control of x and y scales, upsampling or downsampling, and more. (Dec 1997)
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