Language Tools
Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK ASN.1 tools for C++ with BER, DER, PER and XER encoder/decoder (Sep 2002)
CILK - An Algorithmic Multithreaded Language Cilk allows you to concentrate on structuring your program to expose parallelism and exploit locality, while making the runtime system shedule computation to run efficiently on a given platform. Supports SGI, Linux, and other Unix. Requires GNU C 2.7.2 (Nov 1997)
Command Interpreter This is a library which allows a command interpreter to be embedded in your C application. Includes numerical expression evaluator, structures, and looping constructs (Apr 1998)
CWP Object-Oriented Optimization Library (COOOL) COOOL consists of a library of C++ classes which facilitate all aspect of developing optimization codes. Further, it has a suite of general purpose routines for solving linear and nonlinear optimization problems (Jul 1998)
CXREF - Cross-reference tool for C CXREF reads a series of C source files and produces a LaTeX or HTML document containing a cross reference of the files/functions/variables in the program, including documentation taken from suitably formatted source code comments in your code. (Nov 1997)
ELK - Extension Language Kit Elk allows you to use Scheme (a LISP deriviative) as an embedded "extension" programming language. To help building hybrid application architectures, Elk supports a tightly-knit interworking of the C/C++ parts of applications with Scheme code. (Nov 1997)
f2c - FORTRAN to C translator Freeware Fortran to C translator considered by many to rival commercial quality products in use. (Apr 1998)
Object Code Translation Homepage Object code translation means the automated conversion of binary or assembly code to some other representation. It is sometimes also called binary translation (BT). I am working on a Ph.D. on the subject (Mar 2002)
re2c - Regular Expressions in C re2c is a tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions. Generates source code to match the specified regular expressions. (Mar 1999)
sid - LL(1) parser generator sid is an LL(1) parser generator from TenDRA. As well as the normal rule transformations it provides call-outs for when a non-trivial look-ahead is required (essential for C++), and for error recovery. (Jul 1998)
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