Dr. Dobbs Journal Doctor Dobb's emphasizes pragmatic software tools for the professional programmer. Includes algorithms and design techniques for effective C, C++, and Java development. Other topics include CPUs and operating system issues. (Aug 1999)
Journal of Object-Oriented Programming At JOOP online, our goal is to provide you with the best, most in-depth selection of how-to articles, hands-on programming techniques, and reusable source code. Covers Smalltalk-80, Eiffel, C++, and Java (Oct 2000)
MSDN Magazine Formerly Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) and Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND), the new MDSN Magazine encompasses C++, VB, COM, ASP, XML, Win32, and other technologies. (Aug 1999)
Software Development Magazine Software Development Magazine departs from the purely nuts-and-bolts technical information into the realm of software engineering, process improvements, modeling, effective teamwork, productivity, and new design and implementation paradigms. (Aug 1999)
Visual C++ Developer's Journal Visual C++ Journal is one of the newest and most focused programming journals available. Updated weekly, it contains useful stories and source code about ActiveX, ATL, COM, MTS, and MFC topics. (Aug 1998)
Windows Developers Journal WDJ provides information on the gamut of Windows programming issues including VxDs and Drivers, Win32 API, MFC, C++ compiler bugs, DLLs and extension DLLs, COM, OLE, and more (Aug 1999)
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