ASPObjects.Net ASP resources, applications, Asp scripts, Asp.Net scripts, web services, components, articles & tutorials, links and more. (Apr 2001)
Consume COM Components From .NET Eric Gunnerson shows you how to consume COM components and ActiveX controls from a .NET client application. (Jun 2003)
Demeanor for .NET- a object obfuscator Wise Owls Demeanor for .NET Enterprise Edition provides the greatest level of obfuscation with the least amount of user input! Visit this Microsoft Gold Certified Software Partner at www.wiseowl.com to request a FREE two-week trial of Demeanor. (Feb 2002)
DotGNU Portable .NET system Portable.NET is a suite of free software tools to build and execute .NET applications, including a C# compiler, assembler, disassembler, and runtime engine. The initial target platform is GNU/Linux, with other platforms to follow in the future. (Jan 2002)
gSOAP - a serialization toolkit for SOAP gSOAP is a compiler-based SOAP toolkit that offers a unique SOAP-to-C/C++ language binding. The toolkit's stub and skeleton compiler provides (de)serialization of native/user-defined C and C++ data structures in SOAP/XML. (Mar 2002)
HarnessIt - Unit testing for .NET modules HarnessIt is the premier unit testing software for the Microsoft.NET languages. Designed from the ground up for the .NET Framework, HarnessIt takes full advantage of language innovations provided by .NET (Nov 2002)
Wilde - design XML/.NET apps with UML Wilde 1.0 supports the assembly of XML Web Services, .NET and COM components. The Wilde platform targets the design of applications, supporting this design visually in UML. (Sep 2002)
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