AspectC# - An AOSD implementation for C# AOSD hopes to enable you to capture crosscutting concerns in a modular fashion. This dissertation includes the design, implementation and evaluation of a tool that enables the modularisation of crosscutting concerns within C#. (Jul 2003)
C# Developer Online Monthly C# newsletter, source code, articles, tips, user groups, and more. Features well-known C# authors and gurus. (Feb 2003)
C# FAQ Stingray will be authoring another FAQ. We are going to help you understand C# like we did with MFC. C# is a powerful language that has enabled us to create an Internet based solution. (Sep 2000)
C# FAQ for C++ Programmers C# FAQ for C++ Programmers (Apr 2002)
C# Language Reference The C# Language Reference covers the syntax, semantics, and design of the language while the C# Programmer's Reference includes keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, and other language features (Sep 2000)
CSHARP-L - a C# mailing list The CSHARP-L mail list is for the technical and functional discussion of C-sharp (C#) programming language. (Feb 2001)
CSTutoring.COM - learn C, C++, and C# We have C, C++, C#, and data structures programming programming E-Books, with step by step instructions, indivdual lessons and examples. We also have online tutoring, homework help, exam reviews, online courses, and programming service. (Aug 2002)
DotGNU Portable .NET system Portable.NET is a suite of free software tools to build and execute .NET applications, including a C# compiler, assembler, disassembler, and runtime engine. The initial target platform is GNU/Linux, with other platforms to follow in the future. (Jan 2002)
Grammatica - parser generator for C#/Java Grammatica is a parser generator (compiler compiler) for C# and Java. It improves upon similar tools (like yacc and ANTLR) by creating well-commented and readable source code, by having automatic error recovery and detailed error messages (Jul 2003)
IP Multicasting in C# Provides a simple client/server example for setting up a multicast application in C# .NET as a well as the method in which multicasting works and why it is useful now (Jan 2002)
MCS - a C# compiler for Linux and Win32 The Mono C# compiler includes Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Common Language Interface (CLI). It is able to compile itself on Linux and Win32. Non-Intel Unix ports are underway as well. Open Source (Jan 2002)
Sharp New Language - C# Tutorial C# is easy to write, read, and maintain like Visual Basic, but that still provides the power and flexibility of C++. This article gives you a first look at C# (from MSDN Magazine) (Oct 2000)
SharpDevelop - an Open Source editor for C#/VB.NET The SharpDevelop editor is completely written in C#. You can compile C# and VB.NET from the IDE. Its user interface is translated to many languages Open source, GPL licensed. (Jan 2002)
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