A sample ActiveX Server Component Using ATL In this project, I build an ActiveX Server Component which will be invoked by an ASP to store the information in a cookie, and to access the cookie using ATL COM. The component will check for the existence of the cookie and create it if it's not present (Nov 2001)
ATL Mailing List Archives The complete Microsoft ATL mailing list archives from Feb. 1997 to date -- and its searchable! (Oct 1998)
Edith - ActiveX binary file viewer Edith is an ActiveX control for binary file viewing. Control is usable in all environments which support ActiveX controls including VB and Delphi. Full source (ATL VC++ 6) code available. Freeware. (May 2000)
Microsoft ATL FAQ Stingray's ATL FAQ includes acronymns, ATL/COM Resource Guide, data type Q&A, MFC and ATL, and ATL Tips and Tricks. (Oct 1998)
See also: MFCSee Also: if you are interested in ATL you may find related topics in MFC
Books about ATLA complete list of books on ATL available through Amazon.COM