BCGControlBar - Like MS Office toolbars BCGControlBar is an MFC extension framework library which allows you create MS-Office (tm)-like applications with full toolbars/menus customization: dockable, owner-draw, drag/drop, many more features. Freeware (Dec 1999)
CImageBuffer - MFC high resolution bitmaps Supplies a framework that handles images up to 96 bits per pixels in RGB, CCIR, HLS, JPEG or grayScale. The library is free. Optional modules for image analysis and video for windows available. Twain is coming (Sep 1999)
Code Guru - MFC Sourcebook This site is an oasis for MFC developers: you can find tips and tricks for all of the MFC classes to make them do what you need them to. It is organized like a highly-structured mailing list archive with an emphasis on small but important solutions. (Dec 1997)
Cool MFC Color Picker - like PhotoShop A very COOL color MFC pick dialog with a color dropper like Photoshop and Frontpage 2000. Freeware with source. (Jul 2002)
CP - GUI Extension Library for MFC An MFC extension library of GUI stuff including Bitmap class, extended button, animated button and irregular-shape button classes, multimedia class, bitmap and DIB functions for loading, saving, scaling, displaying, copying and printing images (Oct 1998)
CRegistry - Registry MFC wrapper Simplifies writing/reading the three most used (for me at least) data types (BOOL, DWORD, CString) to the Registry. Includes .h and .cpp files. (May 2001)
CXImage - load/save GIF/JPEG/BMP/etc CxImage is a MFC C++ class to load, save, display, transform BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, MNG, and ICO images. (Jan 2002)
DevCentral's MFC and Win32 Tutorials DevCentral presents a series of tutorials on important topics such as UNICODE, OpenGL, wizard construction, Win95 common controls, ISAPI, and others. (Jul 1998)
Funducode - MFC source portal FunduCode contains many source code examples of MFC topics such as, ADO, Mouse, OpenGL, Controls, Palette, Database, Printing, DHTML, Registry, Dialog, Screen Saver, Disk, SDI/Splitter Window/MDI, DLL, Shell, File I/O, Threads and more. (Jan 2002)
Generic Wizard - make your own wizards for VC++ This is an AppWizard created using the MSVC's built-in Custom AppWizard. It is called GenWiz and it can be used with MSVC to create simple generic wizard skeletons. It is based on the CTreePropSheet class developed by Sven Wiegand. (May 2003)
JPEGMFC - JPEG in a MFC DLL This package allows VC++ programmers to read and write JPG and BMP files. This is based on the IJG 6a code. MFC and Win32 DLLs available. (Nov 1998)
MFC CPushPin class CPushPinButton class: Its appearance is similar to the pin button as seen on the OpenLook window manager on X-Windows & property dialogs in MSDEV aka VC 4.x IDE. (Nov 1997)
MFC Extension DLL for sizeable control bars MRCEXT4 provides sizeable control bars, both when floating and docked, similar to the Visual C++ 2.0 IDE. Also includes classes for 256-color bitmaps, playing AVI files, and bitmap buttons. (Nov 1997)
MFC FAQ Scott Wingo and now Justin Rudd worked hard to answer your frequently asked questions about MFC. Includes gross detail about MFC versions and all objects (dialogs, windows, views, and documents). Also includes a Visual C++ FAQ and lots of WWW links.
MS VC++ MFC Newsgroup MS Official forum for MFC issues (note: you will have to register with MS tech support) (Mar 1998)
MString - MFC CString clone w/source MString is a dynamic string class which is mostly compatible with the MFC CString. It is implimented with linked lists. MStringArray is a dynamic array of MStrings (based on the MFC CStringArray). Freeware w/source (Apr 2000)
Porting MFC Applications to Linux Markus Neifer shows how to port MFC to Linux using wxWindows, giving a user's guide to this open source GUI toolkit and providing a complete, step-by-step porting example. (contains sample code) (Nov 2002)
TFC - Time Foundation Class TFC Gives you all the components your development team needs to display or select date and/or time values in any application. By including a Month calendar control, a Year calendar control. Full source code. $149 (Jul 2002)
Usenet MFC Newsgroup Here's where you can go to find answers about MFC issues such as message maps, classes, and strategies. (Mar 1998)
See also: ATLSee Also: if you are interested in MFC you may find related topics in ATL
Books about MFCA complete list of books on MFC available through Amazon.COM