ACE - Adaptive Communication Environment ACE is a class library that encapsulates platform-independent network programming protocols. Specifically, it supports IPC mechanisms, event multiplexing, threads, memory-mapped files, RPC, and dynamic linking. Works with most Unix and Windows NT. (Nov 1997)
BigBrother - active polling network monitor Big Brother is a combination of monitoring methods. Unlike SNMP where information is jjust collected and devices polled, Big Brother is designed so that each local system broadcasts its own information to a central location. Unix/Win32. Open Source. (Jun 2000)
Freenet - decentralized reliable network Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to distribute information over the Internet efficiently, without fear of censorship. It is completely decentralized, employs intelligent routing and caching. Win32 and Linux. Freeware (Dec 2000)
GNUnet - secure P2P networking scheme GNUnet is a peer-to-peer framework with focus on providing security. All peer-to-peer messages in the network are confidential and authenticated. The framework provides a transport abstraction layer for UDP, TCP, HTTP, or SMTP. For Linux (Aug 2003)
KA9Q - freeware TCP/IP for MS-DOS and DJGPP KA9Q is the freeware Network Operating System (NOS) which provides TCP/IP stack for MS-DOS. Supports Borland C++ 3.1 and DJGPP. (Aug 2002)
libsmart - STL framework for sockets and threads I found this STL based framework very useful (sockets, threads, sync objects ...) (Jul 2003)
netatalk - AppleTalk for Unix netatalk is an implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite for Unix. EtherTalk Phase I+II, AppleShare over IP,DDP,RTMP,NBP,ZIP, AEP,ATP,PAP,ASP, and AFP. Appletalk file, printing, and routing on Solaris, Linux, OS X, and more (Jan 2003)
NIPCfg - Display all TCP/IP info for Windows NIPCfg looks up all TCP/IP configuration info for all installed network cards in Windows and prints a report. Information includes hostname, MAC (ethernet) address, DHCP parameters, WINS, and DNS. (Aug 1999)
NtSniff - simple NT TCP/IP traffic monitor Windows NT TCP/IP traffic monitor complete with GPL C source code ( You need MS SDK & DDK to rebuild it ). This is a very basic implementation that can be used as a starting point for more complex tools. (Jan 2002)
OpenTop: Cross-Platform C++ OpenTop is a cross-platform C++ class library that mimics Java facilities such as resource management, networking, I/O, multi-threading, SAX XML parser, and Unicode. GPL (Sep 2003)
pthrlib - write small and fast servers in C pthrlib is a library for writing small, fast and efficient servers in C. supports reactor and pseudothreads, http library, wait queue, mutex, multiple-reader/single-writer locks, and more Unix only. LGPL (Feb 2001)
Rudiments - classes for daemons and system calls Rudiments is a C++ class library that provides base classes for things such as daemons, clients, and servers, and wrapper classes for the standard C functions for things like regular expressions, semaphores, and signal handling. Open Source. (Jun 2000)
RunTime: Sockets In his previous column, Ed covered synchronization primitives and gave a reprise on pipes. In this column, he takes a first look at communication using sockets. Ed demonstrates some techniques for writing a sockets program (Nov 2002)
samba - Unix/NT file system mounting Samba is freeware that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Mount Unix filesystems from NT, access NT drives from Unix. Supports IRX, Solaris, Windows NT, and more (Oct 1999)
Sharity - attach NT filesystems from Unix/Mac Sharity is a software package that runs on Unix machines and allows you to mount shares exported by Windows (NT, 95, for Workgroups, etc.), OS/2, Samba, AppleShare IP and others in your Unix, Mac or other filesystem. (Aug 2001)
Socket++ an iostream-like class Socket++ is an iostream-like class for Unix and inet sockets, pipes, and socketpairs. Like iostream, it automatically performs type-safe input and output. Supports error reporting, debug mode, keepalives, routing, out-of-band data, timeouts, and more! (Nov 1997)
State Threads - thread library for TCP/IP apps State Threads allows writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications on UNIX-like platforms. It offers a threading API for structuring a network application as an event-driven state machine. (Apr 2002)
Twisted - event-based framework for Internet apps Twisted is an event-based framework for Internet applications. It includes a Web server, an SMTP/POP3 server, a telnet server, an SSH server, an IRC server, a DNS server, a generic client/server pair (Sep 2003)
txObject - Application Tool Kit framework txObject Application Tool Kit (ATK) is a free package of powerful C++ libraries that provides a framework: Object Library, I/O & Timers, Threads, IPC, and Distributed Object Communication. Win32/Linux/Unix (Jan 2001)
WFC - Win32 Foundation Classes Sam Blackburn's WFC encapsulates tricky bits of the Win32 API into easy-to-use classes. Also encapsulates a lot of original work too. Categories include network, communications, tape I/O, NT services, mixer, and more stuff all the time.
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