AlphaPagingSoftware - Wireless comm resources Wireless resource for everything wireless, includes protocol information and standard definitions, wireless glossary and much, much more. (Aug 2001)
Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK Atos Origin- MARBEN™ ASNSDK ASN.1 tools for C++ with BER, DER, PER and XER encoder/decoder (Sep 2002)
Birdstep - providing wireless/embedded access Birdstep is a provider of enabling software technologies for the embedded and wireless marketplace. (Sep 2002)
HylaFAX - complete FAX system for Unix HylaFAX is a telecommunication system for UNIX systems. It supports: sending facsimile, receiving facsimile, polled retrieval of facsimile, transparent shared data use of the modem, and sending alpha-numeric pages. (Nov 1997)
Programming Linux Serial Ports (HOWTO) Describes Linux serial port features other than those which should be covered by Modem-HOWTO, PPP-HOWTO, Serial-Programming-HOWTO, or Text-Terminal-HOWTO. Info on multiport serial cards too. It contains technical info about the serial port itself. (Nov 2001)
Serial Port Central - by Jan Axelson Author Jan Axelson's Serial Port Central is a collection of files and links to material relating to serial links and networks, especially in monitoring and control applications (Aug 2000)
SLSNIF - Serial Line Sniffer for Linux slsnif is a serial line sniffer. It listens to the specified serial port and logs all data coming through it. slsnif works transparently for both the device connected to the serial port and the controlling software for this device. (Aug 2002)
USB Central - by Jan Axelson Author Jan Axelson's USB Central provides information and links about USB basics, peripheral hardware, host software, development tools, example code, books & other information sources, and end user info (Aug 2000)
Windows Standard Serial Communications Libraries WSSC is a shareware serial comm library which includes 30 functions plus modem control, ANSI emulation, ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM protocols, and 6 example programs. Versions for C/C++, Delphi, and VB in Win16 and Win32. Source included with registration
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