Parallel Processing
A++/P++ - Parallel array processing A++ is a general C++ array class for numerical compuation. A++/P++ supports current work on Overlapping Grids and Adaptive Mesh Refinement. P++ is the parallel version of the serial array class A++. Works on 15 different architectures. (Sep 1998)
CC++ A parallelizing C++ compiler CC++ is a parallelizing compiler with a library of common parallel programming paradigms. Using a cfront-style approach, it is a code-generator that produces parallel executing C++ programs. Supports Solaris, AIX, SunOS, and HP-UX. (Feb 1999)
Internet Parallel Computing Archive University of Kent maintains extensive archives of compilers, libraries, and languages (including OCCAM) to facilitate effective use of parallel processing architectures. Special section on the Transputer architecture. (Nov 1998)
PVM++ - an O-O interface to PVM PVM++ provides an easy way to program the widely used parallel programming library PVM, which works in homogenous and heterogenous network environments. Easy transmission of messages in heterogenous networks. (Feb 2002)
uC++ concurrency language extensions uC++ extends C++ with new constructs that provide lightweight tasks on shared-memory single and SMP systems on UNIX. Implemented as a translator which outputs C++ code. Supports Linux and Unix. Real-time capability, exception handling, and more. (Mar 1999)
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