Algorithm Archive - by Scott Gasch All kinds of algorithms at your disposal: Searching & Storage, Sorting, Graphing, Combinatorics, SoundEx, FFT, Geometry, Data Compression, Integrity checking, and much more! (May 2003)
Discussion of Sorting Algorithms Mark Baker writes: Firstly the operation of the different algorithms is examined, then their relative performance is discussed. (Nov 2001)
Dynamic Radix Fast Search Algorithm in C From Embedded Systems magazine: Richard Hogaboom's implementation of a Highly Dynamic Radix Fast Search Algorithm with Easy Sort/Deletion (Jul 2002)
Fast Algorithms for Sorting and Searching Strings Theoretical algorithms for sorting and searching multidimensional data and practical C implementations for the application where keys are character strings. A amalgam of Quicksort and radix sort. (Dec 2001)
fib - a Fibonacci Heap manager algorithm The fib package is an implementation of a Fibonacci Heap. A Fibonacci Heap is a very efficient heap. The cost of an insert is O(1), and You can extract an already inserted item out of order in O(lgn). (Dec 2001)
GGCL - Generic Graph Component Library GGCL is a collection of graph algorithms and data structures, created in the generic programming style of the Standard Template Library (STL). Supports Linux, Win32, SGI. Freeware. (Jun 2002)
GLib - general purpose algorithms GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0. (Oct 1999)
gperf - generates a perfect hash table For a given list of strings, it produces a "perfect" (no collisions) hash function and hash table, in form of C or C++ code, for looking up a value depending on the input string. GNU Freeware. (May 2000)
GTL - Graph Template Library STL has no support for graphs and graph algorithms. GTL contains the classes needed to work with graphs, nodes and edges and some basic algorithms as building blocks for more complex graph algorithms. Based on LEDA API. Freeware (Nov 1999)
LEDA- Library of Efficient Datatypes And Algorithm LEDA is a platform-independent C++ class library that supplies efficient implementations for many data types such as Fibonacci heaps for priority queues, red-black trees, dynamic perfect hashing for dictionaries, graphs, and more. (Sep 2000)
mhash - multiple hash algorithms mhash is a thread-safe hash library, implemented in C, and provides a uniform interface to a large number of hash algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, HAVAL, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, TIGER, GOST). Freeware (Oct 1999)
Open/Closed Hash table management library Supports both Rehashing and synonym chaining Rehashing
  • Up to 93% of table used. Key dependent and Key independent rehashing
  • Average number of elements looked up 1.5 - 1.6.
  • Extensively tested.
  • ANSI C. Open Source. (Feb 2003)
  • Perfect Hashing Function a Win32 implementation of R.J. Cichelli's perfect hash function generation algorithm from the January 1980 CACM . Source code. (Jan 2000)
    Snippets - small but highly useful functions Snippets has been in the making for many years. Providing modular functions for math functions, arbitrary precision, queues, lists, bit arrays, hash tables, soundex, date functions, CRC/checksum, malloc with fenceposts, timers, POSIX funcs, etc. etc. (Nov 1998)
    STLSoft - lightweight STL libraries STLSoft itself provides cross-platform, technology/API-neutral classes and functions that stand on their own and are useful as independent libraries. Includes Algorithm, Conversion, Memory, Type & String. Publically usable w/license. (Apr 2003)
    Stony Brook Algorithm Repository The repository is based on the book The Algorithm Design Manual and includes data structures, numerical problems, combinatorial problems, graphs, computational geometry, strings, and sets. (May 1998)
    Str Library - high performance string C++ lib Str Library is a high-performance, portable, fast C++ string class. Supports Win32, g++ with UNICODE, ANSI. Works better than CString. Multithreading safe. Full source code. Get started in less than 5 minutes. From $39. (Jul 2002)
    Wayne's Little Data Structures and Algorithm Lib Classic algorithms in C for efficient and correct priority queues, event-driven simulations, queues, stacks, binary trees, sets of integers, graphs (the node-edge kind), some combinatorics routines, ODE integration routines and more. (Dec 2001)
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