ClibPDF - PDF file writer library ClibPDF is C source code for for creating PDF (Acrobat) files directly without relying on any Adobe products. Publication-quality graph plotting, report or form generation. Free for non-commercial users. (Aug 1999)
HTMLDOC - Convert HTML to Postscript or PDF HTMLDOC converts HTML "source" files into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files. It can generate TOC, contents, title page, and handles different media sizes and duplexing. Unix and Win32. GPL Freeware. (Jan 2000)
PDFLib - PDF file writer library PDFlib is a simple-to-use API source code for creating PDF files from any software. Create text, graphics, images and hypertext elements in PDF files. Bindings for C, C++, Java, Perl, and more. Free for personal use. (Apr 2002)
PDFTeX - Create PDFs from TeX directly pdftex is an extension of Donald Knuth's TeX document formatting system that can output Portable Document Format (PDF) files directly. Freeware with source (Aug 1999)
PDFZone - PDF Tools Search Engine PDFZone is the only dedicated search engine for finding tools and C/C++ libraries for developing applications capable of reading and writing Portable Document Format (PDF) and PostScript files. Lots of tools for merging, extracting, and indexing files. (Aug 1999)
xmlroff - formats XML into PDF files xmlroff is an XSL formatter: it creates formatted output (PDF files containing text in a variety of type styles and sizes) from an input XML document and an XSL stylesheet. Open Source in C++. (Apr 2003)
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