Cgraph - PostScript plotting library in C CGraph is a set of C functions that generate PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript for publication quality scientific plots. Output color or B&W easily. Many different plots scales including log-log. Works with any C compiler. Freeware. (Aug 1999)
Ghostscript and Ghostview Ghostscript provides an interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language, with the ability to convert PostScript and PDF files to many raster formats, view them on displays, and print them on printers. (Nov 1997)
GNU Barcode - barcode printer GNU Barcode is a tool to convert text strings to printed bars. It supports UPC, EAN, ISBN, CODE39, and other codes via Postscript or EPS output. Bars can be positioned/sized by inches, cm, or mm. GNU Freeware. (May 2000)
GNU enscript - ASCII to Postscript conversion GNU enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript and stores generated output to a file or sends it directly to the printer. It includes features for `pretty-printing' (language-sensitive code highlighting) in several programming languages. Freeware (Apr 1999)
HTMLDOC - Convert HTML to Postscript or PDF HTMLDOC converts HTML "source" files into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files. It can generate TOC, contents, title page, and handles different media sizes and duplexing. Unix and Win32. GPL Freeware. (Jan 2000)
PGPLOT - Graphics Subroutine Library PGPLOT is a Fortran or C callable, device-independent graphics package for making simple scientific graphs. Supports laser printers, pen plotters, PostScript, and GIF. Supports most Unix and Win32. Freeware for noncommercial use. (Aug 1999)
Webify - Builds web presentations from Postscript Webify is a program which makes web-browsable trees of hypertext files and JEPG images from Postscript source files. Requires Ghostscript. Freeware with source in C. (Mar 1999)
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