Scientific Apps
AIPS - Astronomical Image Processing System AIPS++ is C++ software to process (primarily radio) astronomical data; It was eveloped by an international consortium of observatories; Release of the applications suites is expected in mid 1998. (Aug 1998)
FFT Tutorial - Fast Fourier Transform In this article, Bartosz Milewski explains the FFT and its uses. A Fourier transform is a special case of a wavelet transform with basis vectors defined by trigonometric functions--sine and cosine. (Jul 2002)
GSL - GNU Scientific Library GSL is a collection of routines for numerical computing written from scratch in ANSI C. Designed to be callable from other HLLs too. Supports Linux, Sun, HP-UX, and others. Open Source (Aug 2003)
Interactive Digital Filter Design This is an interactive filter design package, for designing digital filters. Fill in the form and press the ``Submit'' button, and a filter will be designed for you. You can specify several types of IIR and FIR filters. Outputs a C function. (Dec 1998)
Kalman filters Tutorials, software, and reference materials on the theory and practice of Kalman filters. (Mar 2001)
MathEngine MathEngine SDK is non-physicists to include real-time physics in their applications running on mass-market platforms such as PCs and consoles. Collision, friction, articulated bodies, callbacks. Interface for C. (Dec 1998)
Numerical Recipes in C The entire text of the book Numerical Recipes in C is available for download. Also, you can get all of the source code for libraries shown in the book. If you are doing scientific programming, you need this book. (Sep 2000)
Orrery - Solar System Visualization The Orrery displays and animate an accurate model of the solar system. It displays all the planets, most of their moons, and a few comets, and lets you specify the date/time of interest. Open Source. Unix only. (Apr 2001)
OTF - Object Technology Framework OTF is a system for easily generating powerful C++ classes tailored to biochemical applications. Includes import/export of common molecule data formats, automatic identification of cyclic structures, and much more (Oct 1998)
SAL - Scientific Applications on Linux Scientific Applications on Linux is a comprehensive and detailed catalog of more than 2,000 freeware libraries and tools. Heavy on numerics, statistics, parallel computing, visualization, image processing, programming, and much more (Nov 1998)
SCILAB - free numerical package similar to MatLab Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations in a user-friendly environment. It features: Elaborate data structures, MatLab-like interpreter, 2D and 3D graphics, FORTRAN/C interface. Unix/Win32/Macintosh (Oct 1999)
Techniques for Scientific C++ - by Todd Veldhuizen This report summarizes useful techniques for implementing scientific programs in C++, with an emphasis on using templates to improve performance. (as used in the Blitz++ library (May 2002)
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