AIPS - Astronomical Image Processing System AIPS++ is C++ software to process (primarily radio) astronomical data; It was eveloped by an international consortium of observatories; Release of the applications suites is expected in mid 1998. (Aug 1998)
Celestia - real-time outer space visualization 3D Celestia is a real-time visual simulation of space. Choose a point within the Local Group of galaxies, and Celestia will show you an approximation of how it would appear to your eyes were you actually there. For Linux and Win32. GPL (Sep 2001)
libnova - Astronomical calculation library libnova is a general purpose, double precision, celestial mechanics and astronomical calculation library. It can calculate aberration, nutation, apparent position, dynamical time, Julian day, precession, proper motion, sidereal time, and much more. (Jul 2003)
OpenUniverse - solar system simulator 3D OpenUniverse simulates the Solar System's bodies in 3D in real-time. View all the planets, moons and spaceships move along their paths, trace them, follow them, orbit them and even control them. Win32, Linux. GPL (Sep 2001)
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