Software Engineering
Analyst Pro - develop software requirement specs Analyst Pro is simple, poweful and easy-to-use tool for software requirements specification, analysis and testing. It has powerful traceability analysis feature to easily find the impact of requirements change on design and test cases. From $500. (May 2003)
AngryCoder.COM - for passionate programmers angryCoder is the first eZine written completely using Microsoft's .NET Framework. The origin of the angryCoder name comes from a nickname that was given to me by my co-workers. (Sep 2001)
Developer.* - software engineering best practices developer.* is a column for professional software developers. Any topic of interest to developers is fair game, but the focus is on quality, professionalism, careers, and self-improvement. Everything on the site is non-technology-specific. (Sep 2001)
MetricCenter - software metric system Distributive Software's MetricCenter Workstation and DataCollector provides measurement tools for managing systems and software engineering. (Oct 2002)
Software Planner - web-based software planning Deliver software solutions to specification, on time with this powerful issue tracker and bug tracker. Software Planner tracks all phases of the development software life cycle. From $20/user/month (Oct 2003)
Software-Engineer.ORG Our objective is to improve communication about Software Engineering and to create a Community for Software Engineers. This website is dedicated to free information sharing between software engineers (i.e. professionals, faculty members and students). (Apr 2001)
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